[Resolved] team signup that creates team-page they can later modify

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I am trying to:
I have a site where BBQ teams needs to be able to sign up for an event.
I want this to be a two-step process where they first sign up the team through a custom form where they can input info about the team, the team members and upload images/logos/etc, and login info they want (i.e. email addr/password).
After they sign up I want them to be able to sign up for the event (when logged in). I either want them to pay via woocommerce or alternatively via other offsite payment method (in case of the latter I want to be able to switch their account from unpaid to paid).
The team info should go into a custom team page that will have their images etc as well. The team should be able to login and change the info on the page except for certain items (like we add what prices they have won). If they sign up for the event, then a link to their team page should be added to some list on a "signed up teams"-page.

Would this be possible and is there some good tutorials that describes this? especially the part about making the custom team page and how to make only some parts of it modifiable by the team while the rest is only available to modify by another role (i.e. admin).
All help appreciated as I am new to all this types/toolsset.



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

Well - Yes, we have tutorial available for membership site which you can take as reference.

Also, we offer platform using discover-wp.com where you can create your test site and play with it.
=> https://toolset.com/faq/how-and-why-to-create-a-test-site-in-discover-wp/

You should use our readily available reference sites and play with it to know more about toolset:
=> http://discover-wp.com/site-templates/

You can take "Classifieds" site reference that may suit your requirements.