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[Resolved] suppress checkbox for parent category in cred form

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I am working on a CRED form to edit entries for my custom post type.

I would like to suppress the check box that displays next to the PARENT category name.

For example, if I have a parent category of "Car Type" and a child category of "Volvo" - I want the user inputting the new info to tick the box for "Volvo" - but there is no need to tick the box next to "Car Type" - and yet the CRED form automatically displays the tick box for the Parent Category. Is there a way to suppress that box so they know they only have to tick the appropriate child categories?

Likewise - I would like to suppress the bullets at the beginnings of each line. A check box is plenty - I don't need multiple bullets as well.

As an example, please see the screen shot where I show my current CRED form.

I would like the form to look like this;

(box) Musical
(box) Opera
(box) Play

Instead - as you can see in my jpg - I get this:

(bullet) (box) Genre
(bullet) (bullet) (box) Musical
(bullet) (bullet) (box) Opera
(bullet) (bullet) (box) Play

Thanks for your help!




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You can only make it hidden by using CSS on that particular element. If you can provide a URL to page where I can see this output, I can provide some solution accordingly.



Here is the URL to the output:

hidden link



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Thank you for providing the URL. Please copy the following CSS and paste into the CSS area of your CRED form:

ul.wpt-form-set-checkboxes li input[type=checkbox] {
    display: none;

ul.wpt-form-set-checkboxes li ul input[type="checkbox"] {
    display: inline;

ul.wpt-form-set-checkboxes li {
    list-style: none;

It should look like the attached image after you have applied the above CSS.


Awesome - that worked beautifully - thanks!!!