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[Resolved] Suggestions for 3 different user types when not able to use Woocommerce

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Last updated by MargeP6083 9 months, 2 weeks ago.

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I am working on a directory site like your contractor site, but with 3 different user types (with very different profiles). It's also a subscription site using woocommerce subscriptions.

#1 Job Seeker: can register free, create profile, search headhunters/Employers/job posts
#2 Recruiter: paid registration, create profile, search job seekers
#3 Employer: paid registration, create profile, search job seekers, create job posts

Since Woocommerce can't create multiple user roles, I need a solution to accomplish the above. #1 is accomplished by forms outside of WC. #2 and #3 need different payments, term lengths, diff profiles and diff capabilities.

Do you have suggestions on how to accomplish this?



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Hi Marge

If you are using WooCommerce Subscriptions I suggest you check this documentation, in particular the limitations described in the FAQ section at the end.

Abstracting from the WC Subscriptions plugin, in your examples above I would expect you to create roles for each scenario, and then distinct registration forms for each, including payment, as described in this membership site tutorial:

Can you review those and then if you have specific questions about the implementation come back to me with those?


Right, that's what I looked at originally. The issue with the one-time user role product, is that it is lifetime. Then there is only the subscription which only allows for one user role. I have two user roles that I want to have subscriptions. I'm trying to figure out a work-around to see if WC can actually do what I need it to do.

One-time account set up fee for each User role to create profile. (So for role #2 and role #3)
Then sell a subscription for searching job seekers. (to both #2 and #3)
But then I need to sell the ability to create job postings to #3.

Are you familiar with s2member? and do you know if that is compatible with Toolset?



Languages: English (English ) Spanish (Español )

Timezone: Europe/London (GMT+01:00)

I'm not familiar with s2member, I'm afraid.

We know WC Subscriptions because we use it ourselves on our own sites, and documented it because it seems fairly popular with clients, but I'm not familiar with the alternatives.

But requiring different roles for two different subscriptions looks like a deal breaker for WC Subscriptions.


Turns out that Woocommerce has the solution with AutomateWoo.

You can set up event triggers to change user roles up and down. So when a user purchases a subscription or a subscription expires, the user role changes. Image shows examples. Very helpful extension.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!