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[Closed] Suggestion: Conditional Tags

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Last updated by George 11 years, 10 months ago.


Is there any way to output some parts of the template only if there's some content in one or more custom fields? If not: would be nice option.


There's no way of doing this at the moment. We have this on our TODO list for the next release.


Thank you!


What about just adding a kind of wrapper for the output? For example, I'd like to have <p>Details</p>, but only if [types field='details'] contains some content. Something extra parameter like the separator of [wpv-post-taxonomy… would help.


We haven't decided on exactly how we're going to do this yet. It may be something like:

[types field="details" condition="not empty"]<p>Details</p>[/types]

The stuff inside the types shortcode is only output if the condition is met.


Just wanted to bump this as badly needed. Thanks.


We're just working on this now. It should be in the next release sometime next week.


has this feature been released yet? if yes, where can I find instructions? We're very interested in it as well.


This has been implemented and we're testing it at the moment. It should be available early next week. We'll have some instructions when it's released.


I would love this - I was looking for a way to do this for a LOOP and was about to ask. Let us know when it's live. Thanks.

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