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[Closed] Strange CRED Code in my standard pages

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Last updated by Noman 4 years, 2 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Noman.


Recently, I do see all kind of additional code in my pages related to CRED while there is no form used in my pages.

I'm using WP theme EnFold including the AVIA Advanced Builder.

See below the part of the code that is related to a Text Block

[av_textblock cred-child-form-page-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='' cred-child-link-text-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='' cred-post-child-parent-action-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='current' cred_post_child_parent_id-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='' cred-child-html-class-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='' cred-child-html-style-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='' cred-child-html-target-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='_self' cred-child-html-attributes-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='' cred-delete-html-text-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='Delete %TITLE%' cred-delete-redirect-page='' cred-delete-what-to-delete-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='delete-current-post' cred_post_delete_id='' cred-delete-delete-action-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='trash' cred-refresh-after-action-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='refresh' cred-delete-html-class-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='' cred-delete-html-style-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='' cred-delete-html-message-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='Are you sure you want to delete this post?' cred-delete-html-message-after-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='Post verwijderd' cred_form-edit-shortcode-select-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='2397' cred-edit-what-to-edit-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='edit-current-post' cred-edit-post-select2='' cred-user-edit-what-to-edit-33b95b611ba33ce66f87e7b19d711d18='edit-current-user' cred-edit-user-select2='' size='' font_color='' color='' custom_class='' admin_preview_bg='']

As there is no form used in this page, I have no clue while just text-block is getting all these CRED details added.

What is reason of this behaviour?



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Hi Stefan,

Thank you for contacting Toolset support.

1. Please clear all sort of caches in your site plugin cache (WP Super Cache) / CDN cache (if any) / browser cache.

2. I have noticed that you are using WP theme Enfold version 1.0, can you please update the theme to its latest version 4.0, please take backup of your site first:
hidden link

3. If still issue exists, would it be possible for you to share site login with us and then we can check what’s happening there, let me know. Thank you


Need to do the flushing of the cache. I'm using the latest version of all WP, Plugin's and Themes. Strange that your debug is mentioning version 1 here.



Languages: English (English )

Timezone: Asia/Karachi (GMT+05:00)

Hello Stefan,

Okay, yes please clear all sort of caches in your site and check the issue. If still you find additional code then please provide temporary access (WP-Admin and FTP Login info) to your site. Your next answer will be private which means only you and I have access to it.

=== Please backup your database and website ===

✙ I would additionally need your permission to de-activate and re-activate Plugins and the Theme, and to change configurations on the site. This is also a reason the backup is really important.

Thank you

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