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[Resolved] Standard blog information is still visible on the individual pages

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: I have created a Content Template for a custom post type, but the standard post metadata like post title, featured image thumbnail, author, date and social media information are still displayed above my design.

Solution: If your site's theme includes this information outside of the_content(), Toolset does not have the ability to control them. Usually a custom PHP template or custom CSS code is required to remove those items, unless, like Divi, the theme provides theme options for templates to control these items.

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I have created a template for the single pages for my custom post type. But unfortunately the standard blog with the page title, thumbnail, "Posted at...", "0 Likes" etc. is still displayed above the design I created. Do I still have to set somewhere that only the fields I created are displayed on the page?


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Hello, Toolset templates hook into the process during a WordPress function called the_content(), so if your theme includes that information outside of the_content then a Toolset template won't be able to manage it. Some themes like Divi provide theme options to disable individual pieces of information, like the title, date, or author name, at the template level. You would see those theme options in the template editor screen. Other themes don't provide these options, so custom code or CSS is required to turn those elements off. If you show me your site in a browser, I might be able to provide a custom CSS solution for you.


Hello, thank you very much for the quick response. I have understood the problem and now I have reduced the single.php template so that it only outputs the_header, the_content and the_footer. The rest I edit with CSS. This works very well for me.