[Resolved] Split: How to set grand child posts custom search?

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Hi Minesh,
I have some changes in the Province CPT Content Template.
Now I display a map with markers of Comuni CPT (but I think there is a bug because the Comuni CPT posts are 97 but the marker aggregator number count 113 Comuni CPT posts).
Also, a list with all Comuni CPT posts (that are 97).

After I display all Grand Child Post Type posts with pagination, and for every page I display 9 posts but, sometimes I display 3 posts, sometimes 1 post, sometimes 0 posts in pagination.

What is wrong and what should I do to solve the issues?
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Luo Yang

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Please backup your website first, and provide a valid admin account in below private message box, I need to check it in a live website. thanks


Luo Yang

Languages: English (English ) Chinese (Simplified) (简体中文 )

Timezone: Asia/Hong_Kong (GMT+08:00)

Thanks for the details, I can see the problem in your website, and the problem is abnormal, for example, you can edit the post view "Limit and Offset":
hidden link
section "Limit and Offset", display 1 item
Test it in front-end, I see two markers in the map.

There should be some compatibility issues in your website, please check these:
1) In case it is a compatibility problem, please deactivate all other plugins, and switch to wordpress default theme 2020, deactivate all custom PHP/JS code snippets, and test again

2) Also check if there is any PHP error in your website:

3) If the problem still persists, please provide database dump file(ZIP file) of your website, also point out the problem page URL and view URL, I need to test and debug it in my localhost, thanks


So, I think that the issue comes from the Map address custom field value into the Comuni, Province, Regioni, Nazioni CPTs.


Luo Yang

Languages: English (English ) Chinese (Simplified) (简体中文 )

Timezone: Asia/Hong_Kong (GMT+08:00)

I don't have a WPMU Dev Snapshot plugin in my localhost, can you just make the database dump file with PHPmyadmin?

Have you checked the compatibility issue? Can you share the PHP debug logs?


Hi, so I have tried to open and re-inserted the map address in some CPT Nazioni, Regioni, Province, and Comuni and the markers are displayed correctly.
But, I don't know why this issue was coming...



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Luo is on vacation. This is Minesh here and I'll take care of this ticket. Hope this is OK.

Do you still have any issue or its resolved? Maybe due to cache?