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[Closed] Split: Bug – Gallery block back-end editing problems in Safari

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Last updated by Raja Mohammed 3 years ago.

Assisted by: Raja Mohammed.



Also connected with the GALLERY Block as I was editing it, I noticed a back-end problem in Safari:
1. Only Full Size image was allowed (major issue)
2. changing the gallery style from Grid to Masonry and then back to Grid did not work in the back-end. If you go from Grid style to Masonry style then to Collage style, then you can get back to Grid style (this is a minor issue)
3. Sometimes toggling the CROP switch in Grid style caused images to no longer display properly cropped. This could be fixed by editing the gallery in the media library and inserting an image and then deleting it again. This forced the gallery to work properly. (minor but irritating issue)

I have attached 2 back-end images of the back-end gallery block problem as well - file labels explain — Gallery-Grid-cropped-wrong1, Gallery-Grid-cropped-wrong.

Many thanks for looking at this. I'm only trying to help Toolset be a better product - that is why I report any bugs I find.


Raja Mohammed

Languages: English (English )

Timezone: Asia/Kolkata (GMT+05:30)

Hello there,

I have tested the issue on Mac os and Safari browser below is my observations

1) The Images size can be selected from Gallery Settings refer hidden link ,

2) I have tried a couple of times but I could not reproduce the issue

3) I can reproduce the issue it seems like the crop functionality is broken when the style is changed from Grid -> Masonry / Collage -> Grid . Refer hidden link
However the same is not reproduced on chrome. The issue is temporary and it doesn't appear after the page reload you don't need to crop the image on media library its a glitch i will report the issue to the second tier



Thanks Raja,
1. I had already tried what you did, but it does not allow change of the pull down. The images are in the media library but I cannot select different sizes. I click on another size but it doesn't stick in the select pull down - it always goes back to Full Size.

2. I agree, trying with a fresh new edit of the page seemed to fix the issue here. No longer a problem.

3. Thanks for sending it up the ladder!


Raja Mohammed

Languages: English (English )

Timezone: Asia/Kolkata (GMT+05:30)

I did test this again i am still a not able to reproduce the issue reported on point 1, I am able to select the image sizes from the drop down and it stays as per my selection. Please refer hidden link

Regarding point 3 , I have discussed with the second tier, this is something of an edge case that occurs only in Safari, and is simply fixed just by reloading the page we have decided not to take this further considering the developers queue and also the issue is not a showstopper but a minor glitch. However we have taken a note of it.

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