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[Resolved] Slug reserved by post type

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Last updated by thomasS-11 6 years, 10 months ago.


Hello again.

Sorry for my many support threads lately, i guess im building more and more advanced sites with WP-Toolset!

Im experiencing some problems with slugs.

I have a page called "references" .. but i have a post type called references as well..

I want to keep the slug to view the page.
But i want references to have
I have disabled has_archive so it doesnt have a archive that uses that path.

I can't do this because when i create my post type, and gives it the slug of "references" it says that its already in use..

It's not in use that that specific path because archive is disabled so the "page" references can use it.


Im pretty sure many others will encounter this problem, so i found a solution..

If you dont want to use a archive page, and just use a normal page instead, make the Post Type with the Slug you want to - UNTICK "has_archive" and click save..

Im not sure if it will work in another way, but what i did was having the post opened in another window, and as soon as i saved my post type, i edited the slug of the page i wanted to represent the posts to the same slug as the post type has.. it actually allowed me to save and without adding a number to the slug..