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I have followed your tutorial https://toolset.com/learn/wordpress-sliders and I've inserted into my wordpress theme a slider into header.php file that is working perfectly.
After this, I'm trying to do the same thing with a second slider but I need to use the Types Custom Fields instead of the Featured Image, but the slider is not working:
hidden link
I see 4 images, not a slider, and I don't understand why.
Thank you.



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Hi Monica,

What settings do you have for your auto-transition? Do you have it set to display 1 post at a time?

Best regards,


Hi Bruce,
yes, I want to show 1 image at a time, but I'm new in Worpress and I'm doing something wrong.

1-- I've created a Types Custom Fields Group with inside 4 fields of images (field immagine-1, field immagine-2, field immagine-3, field immagine-4).

2-- I've created a Content Template with these 4 fields:
[types field="immagine-1" width="947" height="250" proportional="true" align="none"][/types][types field="immagine-2" width="947" height="250" proportional="true" align="none"][/types][types field="immagine-3" width="947" height="250" proportional="true" align="none"][/types][types field="immagine-4" width="947" height="250" proportional="true" align="none"][/types]

3-- I've created a new View that filters all posts with Category name = "Slider" and that use the Content Template

4-- I've created a post with Category name = "Slider" and I filled the 4 Custom Fields with 4 images

5-- I've created a new post with inside the body [wpv-view name="name_of_the_view"] for showing the result

My intent was to have in a unique post all the images of the slider so that is easy to update them, but I see that the slider doesn't do a Loop through the 4 Custom Image Fields of the post.

Infatc, I've added another post with Category name = "Slider" and I filled the 4 Custom Fields with others 4 images and the result is that now the slider works on all the 4 images at the same time: hidden link

Is there a way to do what I wanted to do?

Thank you very much.



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Hi Monica,

You can't use Views to create a slider for the images in a single post. Views can only create a slider where each slide is a different post.

You could create a separate post type "slides" and make this post type a child of your main post type. You can then create a View that displays child posts.

Best regards,


Thank you very much, Bruce, you are very kind.

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