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[Resolved] Should I be worried that I'm not experiencing any post-4.2.3 update problems?

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Last updated by dbarber 8 years, 4 months ago.


It might seem like a strange question, but I have to ask.

Anyway, all of my sites are running WP 4.2.3 (shortcode-ageddon) and Views 1.9 (not beta).

And none of them are showing any problems whatsoever.

One site is running WooCommerce Views, without any problems.

Another is using [wpv-if] to run some fairly complex calculations, without any problems.

I'm going through other sites and also seeing no problems.

The only time I had a problem was when I activated Views beta fix for 4.2.3 on a freshly copied staging site running WooCommerce Views.

That messed things up (only raw shortcodes were output for WooCommerce Views as well as theme shortcodes).

Anyway, I thought I should ask.


Okay, so much for no problems.

I just caught the first shortcode-ageddon victim on one of my sites (running WP 4.2.3 and Views 1.9 - not beta).

Types custom fields for alt and title text in images are outputting as raw shortcode, without the closing / on the closing types field.

Strangely, the output I see in Firebug is different than the output I see when I copy and paste the code from Firebug into a text editor.

See code below and image

<img src="<em><u>hidden link</u></em>" class="service-page-hero-image" height="334" width="564" alt="Vancouver [types field=" service"][="" types]"="" title="[types field=" types]="" vancouver"="">

I checked image alts and titles on site running WooCommerce Views and they're working (as does, it appears, everything else).


I changed the double quotes around the types field name to single quotes and shortcodes are now working properly.

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