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[Resolved] Self Post Type Many to Many Relationship

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Last updated by Minesh 4 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Minesh.


Tell us what you are trying to do?

let's say I have post type named 'Course'. I want to create relationship between this Course called `Related courses`. So when I relating Course A to Course B in Course A edit, I should see Course B related to Course A in Course B edit as well.

Is this possible?



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

The title of the ticket and the information you shared with your initial post is different.

This is how you can connect the posts using post-relationship:

For example:
You have post types 'Course' and 'Related courses' and you have post relationship created using these post types.
- Now, lets say you have "Course 1" added as post to post type Course and "Related course 1" added to post type 'Related courses'.
- So, when you editing "Course 1" you connected "Related course 1" to establish relationship between these posts.
- Now, when you edit "Course 1", it will display "Related course 1" within post-relationship box and when you edit "Related course 1" post, it will display "Course 1" as related post within the post-relationship box.

I hope the above information help you to understand how you can connect the post and how those related posts displayed within the post-relationship box.


Hello, Minesh.

But you use 2 different post types here. What I wanted is to use only 1 post type (Course) and set the many-to-many relationship between Course(s). I have did this way, but once I set Course A related to Course B by Course A edit, I can't see my Course B is related to Course A in Course B edit page.



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Toolset do not offer self-join post relationship.

Toolset offers the following post relationship and where with each post-relationship it will require two different post types:
- One to One
- One to Many
- Many to Many

Please check our Docs for more info:


Hmm, OK.

Another question is there any workaround to make the related post automatically have the same related post?
e.g. In Course A, I choose Course B as a related course and it automatically makes the Course B related to Course A.

Is this possible?
If yes, then how to make it happen?




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There is no such workaround available.

If you want to add a feature for self-join post-relationship, you should raise a feature request in front of our Product manager;