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[Resolved] Select box parametric search

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Hi there,

I have a custom post type setup for yoga classes. These "Classes" belong to areas of the UK.

I first need to organise these in to "Counties" and then "Towns" (within counties) - a town will only ever have 1 class. How would I organise this? Would I add a select item to the Types Group or would I use Taxonomies?

With this in mind, I also want to setup a paramtric search which has 2 select boxes, one where the user can select "County", which would then update the other select box with "Towns" within that county - without the page having to refresh.

Could you point me in the right direction for getting this setup?

Many thanks


Thank you for contacting us here in the Support Forum

I would build this as follows
(different approaches, you may need to look for what fits your needs best)

Approach 1 (most suggested):

1. Create Custom Post Type "Counties"
- Set it to be hierarchical
2. Create Custom Post Type "Towns"
- Set it hierarchical to, with parent "Counties"
3. Create Custom Post Type "Classes"
- set it hierarchical, with parent "Towns" (child of "Towns)
4. You can now head to your Custom Post Type "Towns",
- set up your first Post in it (Lets say "Edinburgh")
- Save it, and at the bottom, after having saved you can choose to create a Child and add a Parent for it (which would be the Child-Class, and the Parent-County)

Approach 2:

1. Create a Custom Post Type "classes"
2. Create a Hierarchical Custom Taxonomy "Counties".
3. Create Taxonomies (Counties) and then add (In the same taxonomy) Taxonomies with parent-County (choose the appropriate county for your towns)
4. When creating your Classes, attach the correct Taxonomies+Child Taxonomies
(if you choose this approach, you can't filter by Counties and Towns, but you will filter by cities, which will return a certain county with all sub-taxonomies-towns belonging to)

Approach 3:

1. Create Custom Select Fields, one for Towns, one for Counties
2. Assign the Custom Field Group to the Custom Type "Classes"
3. When creating your classes, add the proper information form the Drop down (counties and towns)

The Parametric Search:

1. Set up a View, with following parametric search settings:
- AJAX results update when visitors change any filter values
2. Include a Filter in the Filter Editor Section, where you filter by Custom Post/Taxonomy/Field (depends what you chose from previous steps)
3. Style the Loop Output and Template as per your needs
4. Include this view wherever you need/want to in your website.

the view hasn't to cover all content, you can create different, even nested views.
This way you can, also using Content Templates or even Layouts, fully customize the look, feel and behavior of your website.

Please let me know if you have further questions regarding the issue mentioned in this Thread
and let me know if the above solution works for you, I look forward to your reply!

Thank you


Great! Many thanks for your lengthy reply - I really appreciate you effort. I will give it a go and if I get stuck I'll post to this thread if ok?

Many thanks again,



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