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Good morning, I have to build a site for an association but I have doubts.
1) I have new members who have to register with an advanced form at the association by paying by bank transfer. And from front-end when money comes up I have to change status from aspiring partner to partner.
2) I have renewals of who is already a member. Even in this case the old partner has to pay and renew the card to the association. So the status is from ex partner to Partner if Membership Duration is expaired. Membership duration until 31/12 of the current year.
4) The administrator must create a view of all new members or old members and I must be able to filter based on profile fields.
Where do I start to do all this?


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Hi Andrea

For a membership site such as this with paid memberships, you would use WooCommerce to handle the payments, and we have an extension to CRED called CRED Commerce to integrate forms with payments which you would use with the sign-up pages.

We have a page of documentation which describes what is involved for this in some detail, and I suggest you read that and then come back to me if you still have questions: https://toolset.com/learn/create-membership-site-wordpress-using-toolset-plugins/

The only limitation I see is with your last point. Although it is on our roadmap, you cannot currently do custom searches for users the same way you can with posts.

You can create Views which show different user roles, so you can create a page which lists aspiring partners, another that lists partners, another that lists ex-partners and so on.

If you wanted some other kind of filters you would need to set those up manually using the Views API, specifically the wpv_filter_user_query hook: https://toolset.com/documentation/programmer-reference/views-filters/#wpv_filter_user_query


Good morning, my project provides:
Registration with the site with a custom form. And this is no problem.
2) the ability to filter through the custom fields of the user profile.
For example. There are 100 users who have a professional field and a city of residence.
Through a filter I have to know how many doctors, for example, are in the city of rome, for example.
Will this feature be implemented in toolset?
3) These user lists I should export to xls. This is possible?


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Hi Andrea

Both of these have been accepted as feature requests, but I don't have an estimate of when they will be added.

The first is to allow Views of Users to include filters by user meta, the second is to allow Views to be output in different formats, e.g. JSON and, in your case, CSV.

They both require quite significant updates, which is why they haven't been added already.



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