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[Closed] Saving parent causes loss of child's body content

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Last updated by Stephen 10 years, 7 months ago.

Assisted by: Adriano.


We use a custom type for longer quotations (case studies section on a site) and a parent custom post type for the clients.
Updating the client (paren) empties the body content of the quotations 🙁

With a similar type for short quotations that just uses single line fields and urls, that doesn't happen.


I just added some custom fields … they are not affected by saving the parent, the body content still gets deleted. I just added a WYSIWG field as a workaround, nevertheless data loss is certainly no good sign (maybe it's not lost but just relating to revisions?). Anyway, if your developers would like to test it, please send me an email and I'll either give you access to the client project or a complete file/database dump.


I am having the same problem - I think. Just lost the body + one image of a child. Not sure if that is actually the reason but the data is not in the post anymore. Same as wolf, if you would like to test it I would be happy to give you access.


@Wolf-Dieter and @marcele,

I need to reproduce this on my localhost to fix it if needed, but I can not to do this, it works fine for me. Can you say me what steps I need to follow to get this problem?


In my case I had content (bodY) in a child element saved and published and content in the parent. After I updated the parent, the content in the child parent vanished


any feedback on this please?


This bug appears to have been introduced in Types 1.2. Try downgrading Types to version and see if this stops happening.

I'm fighting it too!

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