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[Resolved] Restricting user access from toolset functionality

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This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

The Client uses CRED forms for users to be able to post content, and wanted to be able to limit what these users see and can do when editing their content in the WordPress admin area.

Do not give the users access to the WordPress admin area, and instead use CRED edit post forms to edit the content from the front end.

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Hi - I am using ACCESS with good results.

I added a new user level in Access with NO additional permissions granted - and at level 0.

I am wanting individual users to be able to edit selected posts (I am using a CRED form for creation of these posts successfully).

So then, I am creating users, then making them author of the posts I have allocated to them.

When I invite them to login, I want them to see ONLY the bare basic fields they can edit.

I am utilising another plugin called Adminimize to get rid of a lot of the admin backend.

But between both Adminimizer and ACCESS, I can't get rid of advanced editing items such as:

* Add New (I don't users to be able to add new posts to my nice new site and mess it up!)
* Content Template
* Front-end-display
* Fields and views, CRED Forms and Access buttons

See the marked up screenshot.

Is ACCESS able to refine some of these fields and restrict their use to low-level users?

Thank you?



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Access doesn't offer fine-grained control over the individual parts of the Edit Posts UI.

When you allow Access to manage your custom post type, the greatest degree of control you have can be seen on the page Toolset > Access Control > Custom Roles where you can change permissions for your custom role, but not, I think, to the extent you want.

Can I ask what you are aiming for?

CRED forms allow you to both publish content from the front-end, and to edit it.

If you want to restrict your users via a custom role to be able to do nothing in the back end other than edit the posts which they created via a CRED form on the front end, why give them access to the back end at all? Why not let them edit their posts with a CRED edit form on the front end?

In much the same way you can create users on the front end with a CRED user form, and if they need to edit their details, then can via a CRED edit user form.

You could create a My Account page where you could use a custom view to display posts where the author is the current user, and add links to edit them via the CRED form.

See this page about using CRED forms and Access together:

See this page about getting started creating custom views:


Thank you for the good advice. Seems I went about it the hard way. The documentation I have found re editing CRED forms isn't enough for me to attack it successfully myself. I create an edit CRED form then get a blank page on the output.

"Besides inserting CRED forms for creating new content, you can insert the ones that edit content as well. When inserting the editing forms, you can choose to show them directly in a post or a page, or to insert a link to the editing form itself. Advanced options provide a way to choose contents to be edited (current post or a specific one)."

A working example would be good - but it doesn't seem there is one in any of the example sites?

Can you advise if there is anything I can see/follow?

To save me time, I'd be happy to pay someone to put it together a simple one for me to work with and expand upon if there's no walk through guide.



I think I have worked it out after going through a load of support threads. For a numpty newb like me, a bit more documentation on editable CRED forms would have been useful!



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Thanks for your feedback. We are currently undertaking a review of our documentation and I have passed your comments on to the documentation team.

I'm pleased you manage to get it working.

If you run into any more problems, please let us know in another ticket.

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