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[Resolved] Restrict front pages

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Last updated by Jamal 12 months ago.

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Hi Team,

I want to restrict pages base on taxonomy.
For example,
I have created three roles like
1) TEMP User - Free
2) TEMP User - Course Access
3) TEMP Practitioner

Create Taxonomy as page type
1) Free User Content
2) Paid User Content
3) Practitioner Functionality & Content

I have assign taxonomy for some pages like
1) Home Page - Free User Content, Paid User Content, Practitioner Functionality & Content
2) Free User Assessment Result - Free User Content
3) Client Dashboard - Practitioner Functionality & Content
4) Courses - Paid User Content

So If users are logged in with a "TEMP User - Free" role, so he can access only those pages which page taxonomy, is "Free User Content"
Free (TEMP User - Free) user can access only: Hoem page & Free User Assessment Result page

The same thing is a user is logged in with "TEMP User - Course Access " role so they can access only "Practitioner Functionality & Content" taxonomy pages.
Paid (TEMP User - Course Access ) user can access only: Courses page

Hope this is clear for you.

Please assist me on how to cover this functionality using toolset access control.

FYI: Here is the link with the backend credential if you need to configure it and let me know if have any solution for it.

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Hello and thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

Currently, you can't manage permissions in Toolset Access based on taxonomies. You can only set permissions for custom post types based on user roles.
And you can use Access Groups to manage permissions on selected posts or pages. Check this article

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.