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[Closed] "Required" to buy WPML to use Classifieds reference site. Way to upsell!

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Last updated by Ana 8 years, 11 months ago.

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I'm a little disappointed I cannot use the demo downloader to run the Classifieds site demo, as the WPML plugins are required, and they cost money.

Where do I download a translation free demo of the site, as I don't want/need translation but would like to use the reference site please.


I agree with Joff. I bought "the whole package", and now I find I can't use what I need because parts of the solution are missing.


To be clear, I want to view the "Toolsets Classifieds" demo site, but I cannot because despite the big orange button promising I would "Save $80 by buying the complete package – Buy Toolset $149 USD", I am now seeing dependencies on five further packages:
• WPML Translation Management
• WPML Multilingual CMS
• WooCommerce Multilingual
• WPML Media
• WPML String Translation

Not happy.





Dear Joff and Peter,

the current version of the Toolset Classifieds is multilingual and so dependent on WPML plugins.
If you want to test this theme I can suggest you use our Discover-WP site ( ) where you can in a few minutes have a fully functional Toolset Classifieds site working and can test all the features and functionalities available.




Dear Joff and Peter,

thanks for your feedback, and we will resolve this dependency.
We are currently working on a new version for Views demo that will enable to download the Toolset Classifieds site without requiring WPML plugins if they are not installed in your site.



Thanks Ana,

Can you advise an ETA if the team are currently working on it? I see many threads end with "its in the new version" or "the team are working on it" and then the thread gets closed so we never receive notification when these changes are affected.

If the topic gets closed is there some other way we get notified for these issues?

Many thanks



It would also be good to know you are doing the same for Bootstrap Commerce




Dear Joff,

I do not have an estimate time for it, however I can say that we are working on this feature to be transversal to all the reference themes. So Bootstrap Commerce also.
I have marked this topic and will post here when we have a release for Views demo that incorporates this feature.




Dear Joff,

we have released Views demo 1.5.5 that enables the download of our reference sites without requiring WPML plugins.
It' s already available in the downloads page.

Please let me know if you are satisfied with my answer and if I can help you with any other questions you might have.

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