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[Resolved] refresh impossible

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Last updated by christianK-3 7 years, 5 months ago.


Hi guys, I have a problem with my custom post types managed by types and displayed with views. It is not possible anymore to save the post type after changing the information. I tried it with the latest revision of views and types, the latest version of wordpress. I deactivated all other plugins. After this I went back to views 1.5.1, tried it locally and remote on our webserver. Now I have a plain WordPress 3.7.1. english version installed locally with no themes, no other plugins than views 1.5.1, types 1.5.6 and WordPress Importer. Formerly the website ran with Headway themes if this is important to know.
I have two custom post types: Jobs and Members. Jobs seem to work now, members is still the same. Can it be, that this issue has to do with the data?
I can provide you the package as a Duplicator file if you like. It would be a great, if you can help us, because we got really stuck in this project.
thanks and kind regards,


The second field group of the Post Type "Jobs" was displayed as well in the editing page of the first Post Type "members". Although I faded out the field group "jobs" via the options settings above in the page, it still prevented the refresh of the page..... So I had to exclude the field group from displaying there and everything worked fine....
So after two days struggeling I found the error by myself. But maybe you can include a hint for other users?
Thank you for your work and have a good time!

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