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[Resolved] Redirect is still a problem. Woocommerce referred back to Toolset.

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Last updated by MargeP6083 11 months, 1 week ago.

Assigned support staff: Nigel.


Trying to redirect after login on /my-account/ page.

Original support post:

2 user roles (Industry and Pending Industry) both go to "/my-industry-account/" instead of /my-account/. Other user roles redirect to /my-account/

Woocommerce sent my back to toolset saying that there must be some kind of user role capability connected to those user roles that are "customer". I've spend hours looking for this and can't find anything associated with "customer".



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Hi Marge

I'll look into this some more. I have access to your site to perform some more checks, and if needed I can take a copy of the site to install locally for some deeper debugging.



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I installed a bare bones copy of your site locally, and I don't see the issue—at least I don't think I do.

If I'm logged out and visit the my-account page and log in with the credentials of a user that has the "Industry" role then I get redirected back to the My Account page, which is what is intended, right?

I only have Toolset plugins active together with WooCommerce, as well as the twentytwenty theme.

In the previous thread you didn't answer the question about testing to eliminate conflicts, so let me paste that again here...

Do you have a staging site for testing?

Can you confirm if the same happens in a minimal environment? That is, with all non-Toolset plugins except WooCommerce disabled, running a standard theme such as twentytwenty, and with any custom code disabled.

That would help eliminate the possibility of some conflict with other code causing the problem, and if that's the case you can use a process of elimination to identify the source of any such conflict.


HI thanks for the message.

I did that on a staging site. As soon as I re-activated Woocommerce, the "Industry" user is redirected to the woocommerce account page.

hidden link (same admin credentials as above)



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Hi Marge

I disabled everything except Views on that staging site, switched theme to twentytwenty and deactivated the custom code snippets.

I'm having problems getting the redirects to work at all; when I use the Views shortcode for the login form I end up in the WordPress backend every time, the redirects don't work at all.

I need to keep digging. I may need to get some feedback from the relevant developer; they are off today, back on Monday.


The plugin "Controlled Admin Access" was the culprit.

My issue is resolved now. Thank you!