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[Resolved] Really struggling to get a View to work properly – could someone please assist?

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I'm a big Toolset fan, and I've used Types and Views on a new site I'm building, where there are three very similar sections. Each one uses a view to list custom posts of a particular type in a grid layout. When clicked, the client wants the content from the custom posts to be displayed in a Lightbox-style pop-up box, which I'm, implementing using the Form Lightbox plugin (

On two of the pages, everything works perfectly and the client is happy. However, on the third page, which has a few extra DIVs and CSS classes than the others in order to implement some roll-overs and the like that the client wants, I just can't get the pop-up box to display anything at all. The content for the pop-up should be contained within a <div style="display: none;"> </div> on the page, which is then placed in the pop-up by some JavaScript. However, if you use your browser's developer tools to view the mark-up for the page, you can see that where the pop-up content should be, there is nothing but the containing <div>.

I'm pretty sure the issue is with Views, or at least my use of it, since if I make up a static page with the same content, the pop-up displays the content that it should. But of course I need to create this page dynamically using the View.

I've stripped parts out and tried it, I've tried it with a Content Template and without, and I've re-created the View and Content Template numerous times, and I just can't see what's wrong with this page, and I know what I'm trying to do can work since the very similar Views work perfectly on the other two pages.

I've spent so many days on this problem that I just can't see the wood for the trees any more!

Please could someone take a look at my code and assist me? I can provide URLs and Admin access in a private email. I'm happy to paste code excerpts here as they may be of assistance to other users, but I can't post the website URL as it belongs to a client.

Thanks - I hope to hear from someone soon. 🙂

Paul Cutcliffe
Spice Web Design


Don't worry - I've sort it now! I was missing a closing square bracket from a shortcode - d'oh!