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[Resolved] Problems with the rendering of views in footer woocommerce products

This support ticket is created 6 years, 7 months ago. There's a good chance that you are reading advice that it now obsolete.

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Last updated by Francisco Ramón Molina Busquiel 6 years, 7 months ago.

Assisted by: Beda.


In the footer of woocommerce products pages a view created with Toolset is not rendered correctly, however in the rest of the pages it works correctly.
hidden link
hidden link
hidden link
Look at the screenshots.
Thanks for your help.
Best regards,
Francisco R.


Dear Francisco,

Thanks for the details, I can see the problem in your website, but you are using other plugins and a custom theme, in case there is any compatibility problem, please try this:
1) deactivate other plugins and switch to wordpress default theme, and test again
2) If the problem still persists, please provide a database dump file (ZIP file) of your website in below private detail box, I need to test and debug it in my localhost, thanks


You are using shortcode [et_pb_section] to render the view, it should be a shortcode from other plugin, so it is a compatibility problem, and I will not be able to duplicate the problem with only the database dump file.

I suggest you try to replace the PHP codes you mentioned above with Views built-in API function render_view(), see our document:
Renders a View and returns the HTML output.


If you do not want to help me, please pass the ticket to another of your colleagues, apparently you have not seen the code, nor the problem, the rendering of the shortcode is limited to rendering an element of the DIVI library, and it is assumed that Toolset is compatible or must be compatible with DIVI. I'm not using any other plugin, just DIVI and Toolset to render the footer of the pages, so the problem is of incompatibility between DIVI and Toolset. In Divi Library is the item 'SendaFooter', within this item the shortcut of Toolset is used to render the problematic view.


//Shortcode to show the module
function showmodule_shortcode($moduleid) {
  extract(shortcode_atts(array('id' =>'*'),$moduleid)); 
  return do_shortcode('[et_pb_section global_module="'.$id.'"][/et_pb_section]');
add_shortcode('showmodule', 'showmodule_shortcode');

But, as I say, if you do not want to help me with this problem, please pass this ticket to one of your colleagues.


It is very strange that you think I do not want to help you, as I mentioned above, since you are using custom PHP codes to render the view, the best way is using Views built-in API function render_view():
Have you tried the function render_view()? Does it work in your website?

And please let me know if you still need assistance for other supporters.


But I do not understand anything.
What do you want to render with render_view()?
As I indicated, the footer is not a view, it is an element of the 'DIVI Library', and is rendered in the normal way that an element of the 'DIVI Library' is rendered, inside that item of the DIVI Library (Sendafooter) a Toolset Views shortcode is used in the normal way that a Toolset Views shortcode is used.
What do you want me to use render_view()? If everything is done in the normal way that is done with DIVI and with Toolset. There is nothing strange. In fact, in all the pages and posts the footer is rendered correctly, it is only in the Woocommerce product pages where it is not rendered correctly.
But keep in mind that the footer of the DIVI Library is rendering correctly in the WooCommerce product pages as well, the only element that is not rendering correctly is the shortcode of Toolset views.
So I do not understand what you are telling me to use the render_view().
This gives me to understand that you have not bothered to see the code of my website, nor how the elements are being used.
Since yesterday at 10:15 am you now answer me again that I use the render_view() function that can not be used with an item of the DIVI Library.
I do not understand anything, really. The only thing I understand is that the time is passing and the problem is not solved.
If you do not understand this problem, please pass this ticket to another colleague of yours who wants to see how these elements are constituted and how to solve the problem. Since it seems completely that it is a problem of Toolset Views.

I want you to understand that if it were a problem of the rendering of the DIVI Library element (Sendafooter) it would render wrong in the pages, posts or other places, but in all the places, without exception, it is rendered correctly. The only thing that is not rendered correctly is your Toolset Views.
Have you seen my screenshots? It seems you have not seen them, in them the problem is very clear.
You have the data to enter my site, I'm sure you have not even bothered to see the problem in it.
What do you want to render with render_view()?
Do not give me a solution without studying the problem before, since this solution can not be used.


There are some misunderstandings:
1) According to our support policy, we don't provide custom code support:
so I suggested you try with Views built-in function render_view()

2) Since it is a compatibility problem, the database dump file is not enough to duplicate same problem, we need the the duplicator package of your website, please follow our document to provide the duplicator package:
And according to our support policy, we cannot always fix compatibility issues, but we will try to locate the problem.

And since I am in time-zone GMT+8, my working time is different from yours, so in the same time, I will contact other supporters to take care of this thread.



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Hello Francisco Ramón Molina Busquiel,

Luo pass me this ticket and I'll take care of this ticket and try to help you further. I hope this is OK.

Well - whatever Luo said is correct, as you want to display something within the footer area which is out of control of layouts as Layouts only focus on the_content() area.

I already tried to explain that you in previous ticket as well and even I suggested to use render_view() rather using [et_pb_section] shortcode.

We show you the way you can achieve this as to provide solution for such things and to check and debug why [et_pb_section] shortcode not working in your footer area in beyond the scope of our support policy.

I hope you understand this and I made it clear to you and I also shared your previous ticket that may remind you that you need to use render_view() within your footer.php template file.

If you need custom programming for your project, please feel free to contact our certified partners:


You do not want to help me either?
That is, a view of Toolset Views can not be rendered anywhere on the page?
It seems that I can not explain myself well, the problem is not in the custom code, which is completely trivial, the problem is in the rendering of your shortcode.
This is the last time I explain this. It seems you want to tease me. 🙁
If you do not want to help me, you tell me again this and I close this ticket.


Let me hook in here, before we all misunderstand each other irreparably.

I checked the first post you shared, and the link to hidden link is a 404.
Not sure why, but it does not matter, I think.

I see that on hidden link you display the View on the right side of your footer.
It displays fine.
It does also show on the single products:
hidden link

I can confirm that because I inserted strings into the View's Loop and I see them on the footer on both locations.

But different.
While on the PAGE it respects the design made with the DIVI Builder in the View's Loop item, it does not respect that design the WooCommerce Single Product post.

Now, clearly Toolset supports editing a Content Template of any kind with DIVI Builder.
It also works just fine, wether on WooCommerce or other post types.

But Content Templates apply to the_content() and that is it.
You cannot customize the Footer or header or Sidebar with Toolset, unless with the Theme Settings, that are available in the Content Template edit screens.

The issue you see is due to the fact that the content template called in the view is calling the content instead of the stuff you coded in the template with DIVI, when you are on WooCommerce products single posts.
This does not happen on pages.

This might well be because in WooCommerce Views settings you enabled the native WooCommerce Template:
WooCommerce Plugin Default Templates.

This won't let you customize your WooCommerce products with Content Templates.

So, to resume:

1. To edit the content of WooCommerce Products, please enable the support for it in Toolset > WooCommerce Views
2. Then Create a Content Template, assign it to Products, and design it with the DIVI builder.
3. To edit the content of any other post type, you can do the same as in #2, assigning it to the desired post type.

All These things will affect ONLY the content part.

Now, to render a View outside the_content() we offer several options:
1. Use the Widget we provide (you can add them to any widgetized area of your theme)
2. Use our API:

The render_view() function allows you to display the View anywhere within your Theme's templates.

Theoretically you can also use a do_shortcode() but I cannot recommend this because do_shortcode() fails when you have nested attributes and ShortCodes.

If you render the View through a ShortCode that is not created by us, there might be issues to expect.
It is very difficult to even allow this, as WordPress is strictly speaking not allowing to use ShortCodes like that.
WordPress dictates that ShortCodes should render their content, and not call it through more attributes or nested ShortCodes.

Hence, if your 3rd Party ShortCode does not allow nested ShortCodes as values, it will fail, and there is little that Toolset could do in that case.
But, you can easily display the View where you want outside the content with the API.

If you did that already, and get the same results, please let me know so I can help.

Thank you for reading this long text 🙂


Sure enough, now you do not see any product, it's a 404, apparently something has been touched on the site.

It seems that now the products are 'product' instead of 'producto'.
This does not work:
hidden link
but this does work:
hidden link

I also have to uninstall Toolset Access because it is useless, it is impossible to create a membership site with it.
I tried obstinately to use Toolset Access, but it is a pure calvary, incompatibility with other plugins, limitations everywhere, ....
I have to choose WooCommerce memberships along with WooCommerce Subscriptions, or, YITH Woocommerce memberships along with YITH WooCommerce Subscriptions, which will cause me to vary the whole structure of products and their relationships.

I will try to do what you have told me, taking into account all the variations that I have to do in my site to eliminate the use of Toolset Access and use these other plugins.

I'll tell you something.

Beda. Thank you very much for your help and information.


I am sorry you have such issues with Toolset, or better, Toolset is making such issues to you.

But I am confused, this ticket here is not about Access issues, it's about rendering a View - correct?

The above outlined steps are well documented, and it should be expected to work if done as outlined.

If you want to render a View outside your "the_content()" then it needs some PHP, or Layouts, but as you know, Layouts needs PHP integration when you want to edit also things apart of the content.

Related to Access, if you open a new ticket I can try to help, actually I personally think Access is one of most stable Toolset Plugins, let's say, it conflicts less then the Plugins relying on styles, or JS, that might conflict with themes and plugins.

In a new dedicated ticket I can surely help or at least confirm ion things ain't supposed to work.

BTW, I also asked Amit (our Team Leader and Support manager) to enter in concat with you personally, as well I hear that Marine has been presented to you?
Please outline to them all the thoughts you shared with us related to more global issues of Toolset that w cannot answer or handle in Support (since it's not a support topic but more of a general suggestion and report of yours).

This will help greatly to improve Toolset.

Please accept my thankfulness for being so interactive here - not many users report the issues as you do, and not many present your patience either.

Please let me know anything I can help you with!


Look at these tickets, they are all problems with Toolset Access, but none could be solved satisfactorily.

Regarding the problem of this ticket in particular, the question is why the view that I created with Toolset views is rendered correctly in any page or post and it is rendered incorrectly in the product pages?

You said that maybe it would be because I'm using the standard DIVI / WooCommerce template for the products, but, of course, if I create a content template for the pages of each product, the other problem about variations of subscriptions that we are seeing in the other ticket will probably not work.
With the standard DIVI / Woocommerce template the variations of the subscriptions are displayed correctly.

I mean, I'm being attacked by problems everywhere, it's like when the Cheyenne Indians were surrounding the settlers caravans, the colonists no longer knew what to do or where to go, the arrows came to you from all sides. 🙁 🙂

Thanks for your help Beda.

This ticket is now closed. If you're a Toolset client and need related help, please open a new support ticket.