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[Resolved] Problem with WP 5.6 and Layout

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Last updated by Guillaume 2 years, 7 months ago.

Assisted by: Christian Cox.


my site is based on Types, Blocks (migrated from Views) and Layout with the old Toolset Starter theme.
Since WP 5.6, I have a big problem when I create new content or edit an old one.
The layout dependencies are broken and I need to reassign them from the Layout panel.
All plug-ins are up to date.
How to solve this problem ?
Thank you


Hello, I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with Layouts assignment after updating to WordPress 5.6. It sounds like you have a Template Layout assigned to a post type, but when you add a new post or edit an existing post, the Template Layout is not applied automatically as expected and you must assign the Template Layout. Once the Template Layout is manually assigned, the post is displayed as expect on the front-end of the site. Is that correct, or have I misunderstood your explanation?

I will be glad to take a closer look at this to see what we can do to resolve the problem.

First, can you confirm that your site has the latest versions of these Toolset plugins?
- Types 3.4.5
- Blocks 1.3.5 or Views 3.3.5
- Layouts 2.6.7
There was recently a change in the Toolset automatic installer that resulted in some Users not being prompted to automatically update legacy plugins like Views and Layouts. When that happened, often Types was updated without updating Views and Layouts. It's best to have all these plugins up to date, for compatibility purposes. This problem was resolved recently, and automatic updates for Views and Layouts should be prompted again. You may need to go to wp-admin > Dashboard > Updates and click "Check again", then wp-admin > Plugins > Add New, click the "Commercial" tab, and scroll down to the Toolset installer and click "Check for Updates". Then the automatic installer will prompt you to download any out-of-sync plugins.

If updating to the latest versions of these plugins does not resolve the problem, please ensure that there is no Content Template applied to these posts. Any Content Template created with Blocks will override Template Layouts created with Layouts.

If the problem still exists, I may need to take a closer look. Let me know what you find out, and I will give you additional feedback.

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Hello Christian,
All the plugins are up to date.
After multiple test, I can create a content like article or Types contents with the correct layout assigned, but if I edit a content, the link is romped.
I have to manually assigned the layout and it’s ok.
Thanks for your help.


Okay, I think it would be best for me to log in and see what's going on. Please provide login credentials in the private reply fields here.


It looks like Toolset Blocks is installed on this site, but you would prefer to use Toolset Layouts for the design of these posts. When Toolset Blocks is active, the Layouts panel is hidden in the post editor screen. Blocks typically overrides Layouts, so we suggest activating Toolset Views instead of Toolset Blocks when you want to use Toolset Layouts. I have made this change for you. Now the Layouts panel appears in the post editor screen, and you should be able to edit posts without losing the Template Layout assignment. Can you confirm?


OK, thanks.
I thought the switch from Views to Blocks was older than WP5.6, but I have to believe that I had not done enough testing to realize this problem. Views and Layout being passed on the Legacy side, I want to get rid of it, but what replacement to offer to Layout ?


The Toolset Blocks plugin is intended to be used as a replacement for Views and Layouts, though a few of the features offered in Layouts are not offered in Blocks. For example, Layouts offered some template hierarchy features like parent/child Layouts. This hierarchy feature does not exist in Blocks templates, but you can use nested template blocks and conditionals to achieve something similar. Layouts also offered some widgets that do not exist in Blocks, like the accordion and tabs widgets. If you need those missing block types, we recommend using a 3rd-party blocks extension plugin like Kadence.

Blocks offers a drag-and-drop design experience built in the WP Block Editor (Gutenberg), so if you're familiar with editing Layouts using a drag-and-drop editor the new Block Editor experience will be similar, without the need for extensive custom code and shortcodes. Instead of creating Template Layouts using Layouts, you can create Content Templates using Blocks, and assign those Content Templates to your post types. When using Toolset Blocks, we recommend you disable the Toolset Views plugin and the Toolset Layouts plugin. You can continue to use the legacy Views editor to design Views if you prefer the old experience for creating and managing Views. There is a setting in Toolset > Settings > General that allows you to activate the Legacy Editing Experience, or the Blocks editing experience, or you can activate both and choose the preferred editor for each template or post. When transitioning from Layouts to Blocks, please be aware you must recreate your Template Layouts and Content Layouts using the Block editor. There is no automatic conversion process to convert Layouts you already created into new Blocks templates.

For more information about the different blocks currently offered in Toolset Blocks, check out the documentation here:

If you're not familiar with Toolset Blocks and want more general information about how it works, I recommend you review this Course Lesson, with videos:


Just comming back after a big health pause, i want to thank you for you detailled answer. I will explore these new trails.

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