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[Resolved] Post-fields query doesn't show

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Last updated by martyB 4 years, 7 months ago.

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Hey Hi,

Sorry for all of these tickets =/ but this morning I have just realized that on my page hidden link none of my post-fields appeared. I have checked everything: Post-fields, template and view and everything look linked.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, for all of the rest of my pages everything is alright so is not an update or something like that.

Thank you



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Hi Marty

I visited that link.

It seems to be a single event post (called 'quiz').

From your debug info I see that you are using Layouts, in which case I would have expected you to have created a Template Layout assigned to single event posts, and that that template would include cells such as a Visual Editor cell to output custom fields that are present on event posts.

I can see that that is not happening, so I would say that you don't have a Template Layout assigned to events.

In which case I would have expected you to have created a Views Content Template to display single event posts.

In fact, you appear to be using Visual Composer, in which case that would be the recommended workflow (and unless you have a good reason to, you should disable Layouts and not use it).

You can either enter shortcodes for the custom fields directly into such a Content Template, or you can design the Content Template using Visual Composer and insert the shortcodes into VC modules such as the text module.

I note that you are also using ACF as well as Types, but I don't know whether your custom fields you want to display are ACF fields or Types fields. You can display ACF fields using the wpv-post-field shortcode; Types shortcodes would normally be inserted with a types shortcode.

If you can clarify how you have this set up and what you are expecting to see I should be able to help you identify the problem.

Edit View ‹ TIG Development — WordPress.png
Edit layout ‹ TIG Development — WordPress.png
Edit Group ‹ TIG Development — WordPress.png
Edit Content Template ‹ TIG Development — WordPress.png

So, normally on this event/quiz we have to see some details about this event: Date, Hour, Adress, Maps...
I have attached all of my configurations screenshot for the "event" part.

It's weird because last week everything was working perfectly.

Let me know if I can do anything else.

Many thanks



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Hi there

So I see that you have both a Template Layout and Content Template assigned to single events.

They can't both take over rendering of single event posts, and such cases Layouts will win.

But in an interesting twist, the only thing in your Template Layout is... a Content Template cell, which looks like it contains the same Content Template as is assigned to single events.

So that is entirely redundant. I recommend you un-assign and even delete the Template Layout you have assigned to single events, and just work with the Content Template.

Having done that you should see the content coming from the Content Template when you visit a single event post on the front end.

You can read a little about the difference between Content Templates and Template Layouts here: (That page nudges you towards using Layouts unless there is a reason not to, but to keep things simpler I would encourage you to only use Layouts when you need to, i.e. you need a page builder and are not using another, such as Visual Composer.)

I am curious about your View.

Where is it inserted and what is it's purpose?

The Loop Output section between the wpv-loop tags is empty, meaning it will never output anything.

On the same page it looks like you have linked the same event single page Content Template to this View, and then at some point deleted the shortcode from the Loop Output section that would refer to this Content Template (a wpv-post-body shortcode with a view_template attribute with the slug of the connected template:

It's not clear from your screenshots where this View is inserted or where it is intended to be used, but, as-is, it will not output anything.


Hi Nigel,

Sorry for my late answer, Yes Toolset is quite confusing for me between layout/template and views even with the documentation (I think it's because English isn't my mother language). For my view, to be honest, I don't really know, it's just a simple page which shows my post type Events and that's it.

Thank you for your answer Nigel,