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[Resolved] Post excerpt contains encoded views data

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Last updated by zoeS 3 years, 9 months ago.

Assisted by: Waqar.


Hello, following on from my last post, where the latest Views update seems to have caused problems, I have now noticed another site that I think has also been affected, but not in the same way. Where the updated wpv-archive-loop.php file fixed the other site, it didn't help in this case unfortunately.

On this site, I am using Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg to create the post grid on the home page. Since the latest Views update, whenever there is a view on the same page as a UAG posts grid block, and where a post excerpt has not been explicitly set, the excerpt of each post contains a load of base 64 code. When I decoded it, it turns out to be the following views data:

.wpv-view-output[data-toolset-views-view-editor="cfaf43f3bf042ff748fd44a714652132"] .js-wpv-loop-wrapper > .tb-grid { grid-template-columns: minmax(0, 0.3333fr) minmax(0, 0.3333fr) minmax(0, 0.3333fr);grid-auto-flow: row } @media only screen and (max-width: 781px) { .wpv-view-output[data-toolset-views-view-editor="cfaf43f3bf042ff748fd44a714652132"] > .tb-grid-column:nth-of-type(3n + 1) { grid-column: 1 } .wpv-view-output[data-toolset-views-view-editor="cfaf43f3bf042ff748fd44a714652132"] > .tb-grid-column:nth-of-type(3n + 2) { grid-column: 2 } .wpv-view-output[data-toolset-views-view-editor="cfaf43f3bf042ff748fd44a714652132"] > .tb-grid-column:nth-of-type(3n + 3) { grid-column: 3 } .wpv-view-output[data-toolset-views-view-editor="cfaf43f3bf042ff748fd44a714652132"] .js-wpv-loop-wrapper > .tb-grid { grid-template-columns: minmax(0, 0.3333fr) minmax(0, 0.3333fr) minmax(0, 0.3333fr);grid-auto-flow: row }  } @media only screen and (max-width: 599px) { .wpv-view-output[data-toolset-views-view-editor="cfaf43f3bf042ff748fd44a714652132"]  > .tb-grid-column { grid-column: 1 !important } .wpv-view-output[data-toolset-views-view-editor="cfaf43f3bf042ff748fd44a714652132"] .js-wpv-loop-wrapper > .tb-grid { grid-template-columns: minmax(0, 1fr);grid-auto-flow: row }  } 

This is only happening with the UAG blocks, and not with native Gutenberg ones, only where there is a Toolset View on the same page, and where the post does not have an excerpt set.

I have disabled the display of the excerpts on the home page because of this issue, but you can see the problem on the fourth post in the grid at /test-page. On that page, the first block is a view, the second is the Gutenberg latest posts block, and the third is the UAG posts grid block.



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Hi Zoe,

Thank you for contacting us and I'd be happy to assist.

To troubleshoot this, I'll suggest the following steps:

1. Please make sure that WordPress, active theme and plugins are all updated to the latest versions.

2. It would be interesting to test this with all extra plugins disabled ( i.e. other than UAG blocks and Toolset ) and a default theme like Twenty Twenty.

If it's fixed, you can start adding the disabled items, one-by-one, to narrow down to a possible conflicting one.

3. In case the issue still persists, I'll need to see exactly how everything is set up on that page ( /test-page ), to be able to reproduce this on my test website.

You can share temporary admin login details in reply to this message.

Note: I've set your next reply as private and though no changes will be made on your website, please make a complete backup copy, before sharing the access details.




Languages: English (English )

Timezone: Asia/Karachi (GMT+05:00)

Thank you for sharing the admin access.

During testing on my own website, I was able to reproduce this behavior too.

If a Toolset post view is used on a page before/above the "Post Grid" block from "Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg" plugin ( ), the excerpt in the "Post Grid" block returns encoded content.

It is fixed, however, if the "Post Grid" block is moved above the Toolset post view block or if a manual excerpt text is entered for the participating posts.

Thank you for reporting this and I've shared these findings with the concerned team for further review. I'll keep you updated on the progress through this ticket.

For now, a workaround can be to either use manually entered excerpts or load the "Post Grid" block before the Toolset post view block and then change the order of these elements using custom CSS code:

hidden link


Thank you!

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