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[Closed] Paramatic Search not working anymore

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It's working fine in two different pages because the URL is being distributed among them.

That issue with headers is a known issue and we are working to fix that very soon. Thank you for your understanding.



And what about the issue with the usage of the parametric search on on page - which is more ideal to be used? is this still under investigation or do I need a request a longer URL length for this. This is however no option, as the hosting provider is not willing to change this, as it has never been an issue to work with the standard length that is managed by Apache server.


There is no ideally, actually. You can use both. Unfortunately we are not going to change the Views hash length, it has been added by security reasons and must be like this.


I do see that now due to introducing the hash the parametric search, header sort and pagination is not for my sites anymore that are hosted here. Which are all using Toolset Views quite seriously.

Could you please inform me about the expected length that is needed to make these functions working again, so I can discuss this with my hosting provider. He needs at least a indication of the requested additional length of the URL string that needs to be processed.


My apologies for this trouble. We've worked to improve this a little bit, we will release this on next week.

Now we are removing some parameters before creating the hash. So, the length will be small again, such as "wpv_view_count=306-CPID106".

I did some tests using the same settings than you and the hash is small.


OK - I will wait for the next release and do the test again


All right, I'll let this thread opened waiting for your feedback.

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