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Nested Taxonomy Views Conundrum

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We're building a business directory:

1) Custom taxonomy, local-directory, with 2 levels of categories. E.g., Lodging had subcategories for Cabins and Hotels.

2) Custom Post type, listing. Each listing is assigned one or more 2nd level categories, but never a top level category.

We have a Normal View that works to display 1st and 2nd level categories, using a Child View for the 2nd level. All that looks good.

However, when clicking on any category (1st or 2nd level), we go to an WordPress Archive set to display posts and taxonomy. The view showing the postings, using a Content Template, looks good, except:

1) We can't figure out how to display any sub-categories that may belong on the page. For instance, if the user clicks on Lodging, we'd like to see Cabins and Hotels appear at the top of the page so the user can drill down further.

2) The listings for Cabins appears on the page for Lodging, as do any listings for Hotels. If we click on Cabins on the home page, we see only the Cabins category listings. We'd like to NOT have any listings show on a 1st-level category view.

We've tried about every configuration we can think of. The Classified and Magazine examples are close, but not enough to steer us in the right direction.

This was the primary purpose of purchasing the toolset, as we wanted to create a robust business directory structure. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.



Dear Bret,

Views having a solution for issue one. We are helpless in the case of issue two, because it is a WordPress behavior.

For issue one, please create a View for listing categories children of the one defined by the current View, and add this View manually to the Layout Meta HTML of your WordPress Archive.

Please let me know your feedback.

With Regards



I am attaching a screenshot showing our View for displaying the Child categories, and the View for displaying the listings of a Parent Category. Finally, a sample of the main directory page, and the resulting page when clicking on a Parent, or top level, category. As you can see, the child categories do not appear in this View.

What are we missing?



Dear Bret,

Please confirm the following

1) You are using WordPress Archives or Normal Views for this feature.
2) Why you choose "Set by Parent View" filter for Child Category Listing View. Are you using this View as child view of any other view ?

Hope you are trying to list children terms in the WordPress Archive of a taxonomy term, if so by now this can not be done. But we will surely consider it in future.

With Regards


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