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[Resolved] Need help integrating Layouts into themes?

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We want you to be able to use Layouts plugin with your theme, without having to integrate it yourself.

For this, we need to know what themes you are using and how you envision Layouts integration (what should be under Layouts control).

Add your message here and tell us. The more information you provide, the better. It would be great to see some screenshots, showing the theme and the drag-able areas that you want to have.

Please remember to tell us if this theme uses Bootstrap CSS.


Need help integrating with Jobify. Will pay for professional services. This is needed asap. hidden link


Hi Michael, Amir,
Is there an issue using a bootstrap based theme? I am using unite, the layout files dont seem to get added when i use the packager, and I am not sure if i am adding the right code into the function for installer part of the process.

I have created a new post on:

If anyone can help ion this issue, i would be very grateful

I urgently need to get this working. Thanks



We received a lot of feedback (emails, blog post comments) about Genesis and we'll start the integrating with it first.

Michael, if you need immediate integration with Jobify, I suggest to contact one of the Toolset consultants:

They are all programmers and should be able to handle this. We have great personal experience with Simon, from wp-sine.

Of course, we want to integrate Jobify ourselves, but we need to handle first thing first. If you need it right now, talk with Simon?


Hi Amir,
That's a very good news the integration of Genesis with Layouts.
I don't know it this is the right place to ask but I would like to suggest two new features to make Layouts more developer friendly:

1) To have a shortcut to the CSS style window when we need to apply some global styling, so one big button instead to go to row/cell to access it.
2) To make the cells duplicable like Beaver Builder, I think that somebody else has already put this in his/her wish list.

I have already integrated Genesis with Layouts, how long it will take to get the integration out of the box?

Many Thanks



We're planning to release Layouts 1.4 next week and we'll have the Genesis integration with it, or very close to it.

Copy/paste for cells is our #1 next feature. We use Layouts A LOT and we feel the need for this. Layouts 1.4 changes the CSS editor's location. It goes out of the cell editor and into its own menu item. So, you can always access it, in 1 click.


Really look forward to the next Layouts release.

Thanks Amir.



I've posted a video showing the upcoming integration of Layouts and Genesis:

We'd love to see your feedback.


Hello, I *think* it may already be integrated into the theme that I use most often... I use the Headway theme. Can you tell me if it is, in fact, already working with Headway?


I use OptimizePress 2.0 theme and failed to have layouts integrated as I cannot find any occurrence of the standard WordPress loop mentioned in the documentations to change into the_ddlayout();

I remember buying toolsets a year ago and getting refunded in no time because I failed to benefit from OP2 and Toolset together. I had to buy again a month ago for a project and I need a solution for this.

I can't tell if OP2 has bootstrap CSS or not since it is not mentioned in their documentations.


since even after much going back and forth with support I am still unable to get the toolset starter child theme to load its style.css to load properly I am trying to use my original child theme based on the standard WordPress twentytwelve theme. I would love to see that integrated.



Thank you for your reply! As this thread is for integration of themes with Layouts for our developers to work on, it may best serve you to open a support thread for your specific issue.

Please get in touch with the theme author first to ask if their theme is based on Bootstrap as only they can answer this. If you find out that they do not, I'd do some googling around to find one, here are some examples: hidden link


Ultimatum Theme Framework...



I use the theme GeneratePress hidden link. I don't know if this theme uses Bootstrap CSS.



I frequently use a starter theme generated from the hidden link web site.