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[Resolved] Need a front end filter for a taxonomy view

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Add a taxonomy filter in taxonomy view.


You can setup a taxonomy view as the filter, for example:

Relevant Documentation:

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Last updated by Robert Campbell 3 years, 3 months ago.

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I had a second attempt to create a grouped alphabetic view which you can see at hidden link

I have created a parent taxonomy view where the taxonomy terms are the letters of the alphabet.
This calls up a custom post type child view which is filtered by the parent taxonomy.

Here is the parent view code:

	<!-- wpv-loop-start -->
[wpv-view name="companys-inner"]
	<!-- wpv-loop-end -->
		<strong>[wpml-string context="wpv-views"]No items found[/wpml-string]</strong>

The child "companys-inner" post view uses the filter;
'Select posts with taxonomy:
tax-companys set by the parent Taxonomy View'

This all works very well.

Now I need to find a way to create a front end filter for the parent view, so that the user can decide which letter of the alphabet (so which taxonomy term, they wish to filter by. So imagine a listing of the alphabet;

A B C D E F G H etc

And the user selects which of these terms they wish to filter the displayed posts by.

Taxonomy views do not have custom search fields like post views so I don't understand how to do this. I can see that the taxonomy view does have a taxonomy filter available but I can't see how to present this as a front end filter. Can you help please.




Luo Yang

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Dear Robert,

Yes, you are right, taxonomy view does not support custom search form.

As a workaround, you can setup a taxonomy view:
- query term's of your custom taxonomy
- in View's loop, display a link to pass term's ID as URL parameter "terms-filter", for example:

<a href='?terms-filter=[wpv-taxonomy-id]'>[wpv-taxonomy-title]</a>

Edit your the existed taxonomy view, add a filter:
Taxonomy term ID is set by the URL parameter "terms-filter", see screenshot term-search.JPG

Then it should be able to do same thing


Dear Luo
Your solution worked perfectly thank you. I have also added a hyperlink with text "ALL" to take you back to the unfiltered view. See hidden link