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[Resolved] Modal form closes immediatly with setting "Toolset should load Bootstrap 3.0"

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Last updated by Beda 6 years, 5 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Beda.


I am trying to:
Use Avada Modal popup to display content
I visited this URL:
hidden link
I expected to see:
Modal popup with content
Instead, I got:
Modal closes immediatly.

It seems to be related to this:


Where can I trigger the Modal? (where do I need to click).
This will help me to see the issue.

Can you also elaborate how you insert that Content?
As far i know we do not have a Cell for this, so it must be added with some Custom CSS/HTML/JS?

It will help me to solve this, if I know exactly how you build this and how it should work.


Hi Beda

It is used on the hyperlinks Case Study 1, Case Study 2 and Case Study 3 about 2 thirds down the page.

I do it by using an Avada theme element.

It works if I turn of the Toolset layout setting "Toolset should load Bootstrap 3.0". As soon as I turn it on it stops working. That is why I think it is this issue:

Can I load Bootstrap 3.0 for some pages and not for other potentially?



1. Can I load Bootstrap 3.0 for some pages and not for other potentially?

No, this is not possible
Also, AVADA does not load Bootstrap, AFAIK

2. Can you show me what element of AVADA does that, and how you insert this to Layouts?
It might be a solution to use Bootstrap Markup instead.
hidden link

Once I know how exactly I can insert a Modal with AVADA I can test this locally 🙂


Hi Beda

I am using the Fusion Builder to construct the page. That might be what loads Bootstrap.

On the page I use the Modal and "Modal text link" elements.



I cannot display the Modal, not even without Layouts.
A list of JS errors appear on the Page where I insert it.
I can insert other elements, like alerts and similar.

Can you instruct me what I should do to display the Modal other than:
- insert it,
- give it an unique name
- fill out all details?

Maybe you can send me a copy of your AVADA version, as I seem to have also issues with the Fusion Builder Update (it keeps asking to update, but does not perform the Update)

I enable a private form for you to send a ZIP of the actual Theme if you can do this (you can use Google Drive)



Of course, I did NOT apply a Layout on this Page, this is correct, right?

It works fine with the stable versions of Toolset.

It breaks with the Beta Versions.

But, it's solved in the next release Versions.

This means, when the new Layouts, Views, and integrations are released this will be fixed.

For now, you can either use the stable versions, or you will have to wait for the release.
This is not too far away, it should happen this week (I do not want to make false promises, but we expect it very soon)

Please let me know if I can assist you further.


Hi Beda

Yes, it is without layouts applied. Does it also work with the new release when the following option is selected as this is what is causing the issue on my side with the beta version. "Toolset should load Bootstrap 3.0"

Thanks for the feedback. I am happy to wait a few days for the new release.

Let me test it when it is released and then let you know.



No, that is what the setting is for.

AVADA loads it's own Bootstrap now.
(Bootstrap is encapsulated within Avada’s own style sheet.)
So you need to select "The theme or another plugin is already loading Bootstrap 3.0"

It's also visible when you try to select "Toolset should load Bootstrap 3.0".
It will warn you:
"This theme loads its own version of Bootstrap. You should select this option to avoid loading Bootstrap twice and causing display problems on the site's front-end".

Hope that helps.


Hi Beda

The reason why I use that setting is because the Toolset Layout tabs does not work if I do not set that.

This was identified in another issue I logged here:



You are absolutely right.
Escalating with priority.

The issue clearly is that AVADA encapsulates Bootstrap, and probably some classes are modified (it's not the same Bootstrap as Layouts is based on.)

I'll keep you updated, and I do apologise the back and forth.


No problem. Look forward to testing the new version.


The fix for this is planned in version 1.5 of the integration.
I will keep you updated.


Perfect. Thanks for the help.


This is released.

Please open a new ticket if other issues show up.

Thank you for the patience.