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[Resolved] Min-height on inner container content

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I was going to just add a feature request but can't add a photo there so just submitting this here, I have a work around so I don't actually need help just submitting as a feature request.

Say you have 2 containers inside columns like my image, you may want them to be the same height. the way to do this would be to make the inner content of the container to height or "min-height: 100%" however % is NOT an option on the inner container min-height selector. Seams like an easy add.



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Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for bringing this forward and your observation is correct.

Currently, there is no built-in option available to make the grid loop items show in equal heights and it requires some custom CSS, for example:

.tb-grid .tb-grid-column,
.tb-grid .tb-grid-column .wpv-block-loop-item {
    height: 100%;

This has come up a couple of times now and we already have an internal ticket to improve this, in future releases.
( I've added your voice to that ticket too )

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions as they help us improve in the right direction.