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[Resolved] Maps sddress field autocomplete problems

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Last updated by Beda 3 years, 2 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Beda.

Google Maps, 7 Eleven.png
Google Maps, HSBC.png
Toolset Maps, HSBC.png
Toolset Maps, 7 Eleven.png

I believe this is because we do not have a GEO Localization enabled in Toolset Maps.

Tooslet Maps does not know where you are. This is a feature that we plan to add, where you also would be able to have more powerful front end searches, based on a GEO Location of the active user/visitor.

But I am not sure this issue is on Toolset, or at least not completely.

Interesting is as example, me as a Hong Kong based, Swiss national with a Swiss MacBook, localized in german language and using german browsers, when I Type in Google Maps "7 Eleven" I get danish Stores.
Neither Hong Kong based stores, nor swiss ones, nor german ones.

So - I do not think Google works correctly as well here.

I attached a ScreenShot of this.
As you see Google maps loads Europe as start point and gives me only danish 7 Elevens as result.
This might have to do with how those stores register themselves or how Google Indexes them, or some other hidden algorythms I am not aware of.

I also attached a ScreenShot of what I get for HSBC.
Complete differnt "logic" here, as it seems. Now I get UK and german results.

As you see in the other 2 ScreenShots, Toolset Maps presents other results, this time 7 eleven from around the world, and HSBC even better, from Hong Kong, where I am based.
Actually more satisfying than Google, from my point of View, but this is relative.

Now, I see one issue here:
It is not the same as in google Maps.
And whatever they do, wether correct or not, I agree that Toolset Maps should present at least the same set of results, or explain why not.

I will forward this to the responsible Developers and update you here with the feedbacks.


OK - I will do some more tests here as I got a comprehensive reply from the Views Developer.

Google Maps includes several sources for searching, from reverse geocoding (meaning it can look for "n" address) to Google Places (restaurants, banks, hotels, etc) and I assume a couple of other sources.
Then, Toolset Maps can only access the reverse geocoding bit: it matches addresses to latitude/longitude pairs.
That means that all the other elements do not return any kind of result.

Now, it seems that an address works in ACF map but not on Toolset Maps.
ACF is using the same geolocation API as Toolset Maps: “google.maps.places.Autocomplete”.
This means that we both should get the same results for the same address added to the autocomplete.

I will try this with your mentioned Company name (Visby Web).
Do you have any other similar queries that I can run, where ACF succeeds but Toolset Maps does not?


Yes, sure. Since it seems like I don't get any matches at all from local companies there are a lot to choose from. Here are just a few:

Anderssons Elektriska i Stockholm AB
Robab AB
AB Stureby Styr & Reglerservice
Thörnbloms Elektriska i Stockholm AB

If I type "Byggmax AB" ( a chain of stores ) I get different results between ACF and but I think it has to do with the lat long coordinates you can put as defaults in ACF. (Not possible in Toolset as it seems.)


OK; I raise this as an Issue as I can replicate this easily.

As said I suspect this is due to the fact that Toolset does not load the GeoLocation as ACF does.

ACF requires this Google Features:
Google Maps Directions API
Google Maps Distance Matrix API
Google Maps Elevation API
Google Maps Geocoding API
Google Maps JavaScript API
Google Places API Web Service
Google Static Maps API

We require only these:
Google Maps Geocoding API
Google Maps JavaScript API
Google Places API Web Service

I think the issue is buried in there.


Hi again Beda,
since our client can't use the Toolset maps field, because of the reasons mentioned earlier ( 1. No autocompletion for *local* companys.
2. When you write an address which doesn't come up as autocomplete it disappears when you hit enter. ) we have changed to ACF maps field. Now we'd love some help with how to display it on the frontend. I've done it before the php way, coding the whole content templates manually. Now, with Toolset we hope it will be much easier. We're also using Beaver Builder as our template builder. Just adding the shortcode for the ACF map field in Fields and Views menu only returns the address and lat long values as text. Do I have to create my own shortcode or is there an easier way? How did it all work before the Toolset maps plugin was released? Help appreciated.

Any news on updates concerning the Toolset maps issues?

Regards Mats


Please open a new ticket for other issues.

This is because this ticket will stay in "Escalated" status until the DEV provides a solution, and I will not be able to assist here other problems.

We will be happy to assist the request ASAP in a new ticket.

Thank you for understanding!


This is planned to be addressed in Maps 1.5, for which I cannot state any ETA.

I will keep you up to date.


This should now be resolved.
Toolset Maps 1.5 is available here: