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[Resolved] loop grid layout breaking toolset fields and text html layout

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Last updated by nicholasM 1 year, 1 month ago.

Assigned support staff: Jamal.


To replicate on 2020 theme...
-Create a new View choose the collage layout, I made a custom grid (dont think this matters) but lets make a 3 by 3 grid because that was my test.
- when you first are presented with the layout your loop is shown 100% width and you can add "field and text" block inside there no issues! so add one of those switch to html and enter something, doesn't matter what.
- then publish the page, and refresh your editor browser. once we publish the page our "edit" view for the loop is now represented inside our 3/3 grid so it's 33% of the edit window. (Now sidenote I'm sure I saw a setting Once to edit it in full view before however can not for the life of me find that setting again so please let me know if this is a setting somewhere or I was dreaming, so I have a workaround for now!)
- ok then now that our edit view is inside the column view, try and edit the field and text block. Can you get your cursor inside the text editor?? you can see or edit your content, and god forbid you need to add a new field you will loose your mind!



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Hello Nicholas and thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

I also experienced some usability issues with the "Fields and Text" block with the 2020 theme and sometimes with other themes. I work around it by using the "Block navigation" button and selecting the block that I would like to edit. Check the "Navigating through your blocks" section of the following article

I tried to find a way to edit the view loop content in full view, but I did not find it. To work around it, you can create an unassigned content template and customize it in a full view. Then you can use that content template inside the view's loop.

I hope this answers, a bit, your question. If it does not, please elaborate more on what is blocking you from building an amazing site with Toolset. Maybe record a short video, using Loom or screencastify, that explains the issue more.


I'm aware of the block navigator however selecting the block isn't the hard part it's editing the content inside of the block.

The content template is a good idea however to add a dynamic image in blcoks you add the dynamic image and select "Current Post --> Featured-Image" . However inside the content template we are outside the CPT loop so It does not exsist because you are not inside a post loop. So to use featured images I have to revert everything back to good old wpv-post-featured-image shortcodes 🙁

Hopefully this can be passed onto your dev's for further investigation. attached is a video, hopefully that helps explain my issue, happens in my custom theme and 2020 theme.

hidden link

To be honest with the amount of legit bugs I've found and submitted on my first production build with toolset blocks I'm surprised I'm not on staff as a beta tester by now 😉


That featured image from dynamic toolset image block not working in the content template might be a separate bug btw you might want to test that, because you may want the featured image in a content block for lots of reasons.



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Thank you for your feedback. My apologies for the late reply, but I do not work on Mondays.

The issue with the Fields and Text block is now escalated to our developers, it should be fixed in the coming releases. You may mark this ticket as resolved and follow our blog post for updates. Or we can escalate this ticket and I will get back to you when the fix is released.

Regarding your second point on the content template, especially, the unassigned content templates(usually used in loops), we can test with two different ways:
- Choosing the post in the top bar, check this screenshot hidden link
- Keep choosing the current post, and test in a different window, choose a post and assign it to the content template.


great thanks! that makes sense on the featured image issue.