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[Closed] Log-in to Toolset no dialog box and never loads

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Last updated by cristianS 8 years, 1 month ago.

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I have had to manually update WP-Types and WP-Views on a number of different sites where I'm using it. I have repeatedly tried to "Log-In to Toolset" from the plugins list, but the screen only greys and a loading graphic just hangs there. I never get a dialog or warning of any type. This is time consuming and I hope there's an easy fix.


Interestingly enough, all the "Purchase for $149.00" buttons work, however there's also no way to log in through any of those screens.

It would make more sense if those dialogs could be made aware that I am a paid customer and pass the credentials to the installer plugin.


Luo Yang

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Hi patrickM-3,

Are you using latest version of Installer? download from:
hidden link

Are you using the email of ju**


I downloaded the latest version of Views and installed and that particular module now shows up as "Installed". The rest of the modules; Types, Cred, etc. are all at the latest version, yet, if I perform a blank search for installing new plugins, then click the "Toolset" tab on the results page, the available actions in list view all say "Purchase for $149". Only WP Views shows up as "Installed", and consequently, that one is the only one that will automatically update.

Is there something I'm not doing correctly? I think I installed from copies I had downloaded and saved for a few days. Maybe I need to make sure I've logged into Toolset and then immediately install what I download - particularly if the modules contain any sort of time-limited activation code or something. Any ideas? I'd like to get all of them automatically updating. Once I've tasted that level of convenience, it's hard to go back.


I just went back and looked at the site where I had this issue. I think this might be an actual problem with the software.

I have installed the Installer plugin for Toolset. If I click on "Add New" on the plugins page, and then click search without entering anything in the dialog box, WP returns all the plugins on one tab, 13 plugins from on the second tab, a single plugin from on its own tab, and 8 plugins on a Toolset tab.

If I click the Toolset tab, all 8 of the plugins are listed. I re-installed WP Views yesterday, after logging into the WP-Types website and downloading the latest version. That is the only plugin in the list that appears as "Installed". The rest all show up as ""Buy ($149 USD)". All of the plugins are the latest version.

There must be something I did that failed to register these plugins even though I have the latest version installed. Perhaps auto-updating only takes effect the next time the plugin is installed AFTER the Installer plugin has been installed.

Would that make sense?


Important thing I forgot:

No matter what, whatever dialog box that's supposed to appear has a bug. When I click Login next to any of the plugins that display "Buy ($149 USD)", a dialog box should appear that allows me to enter my WP-Types user & pass. That box never shows up - I only get a loading graphic that modals the entire page and just hangs there. That should probably be fixed.


Dear Patrick,
Luo is not available to answer you right now, so I got assigned to this ticket. First, you are not missing anything and what you are doing is correct. This is a bug in Installer plugin that is already reported to the developers for fixing. If you can provide some screenshot of this error at your end, that would be great so we can add your screenshots to the Installer bug files. The information on this thread is enough for the Installer developer to check. Thanks.



Dear Patrick,
The installer developer is asking for your account that you use when logging to the installer (and got some errors reported above). Please send it to my email directly:
Thank you!



Hi Patrick,
you can send to me too at cristian.s [at] icanlocalize [dot] com.


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