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[Resolved] Load More Button

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Last updated by jeanB 3 years, 5 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Luo Yang.


Hi there,

I am trying to implement a "Load more" button on a view that has 9 posts. I need the button to loads the rest of the posts when clicked. I know that this feature has been requested by many users & I would like to know the status of its development.

If it's still in the works, can you please help me figure out a way to achieve it using the infinite scroll? I wrote a button that scrolls down to the bottom of the page. I need to trigger infinite scroll when reaching a target div placed in the footer. So when the user clicks the button infinite scroll will be triggered by reaching the footer & will look like the button does load more.

I desperately need this "Load More" feature. Please let me know if there's an easier way to achieve it or fake it for now.

And one more thing, The wpv-post-previous-link [wpv-post-previous-link format="« %%LINK%%" link="Previous post: %%TITLE%%"] doesn't display although I have heaps of posts. Only the next post of the same shortcode works. Can you help me with that as well?



I could fix the previous link shortcode issue. So ignore it.

How can I insert next/previous links to an image href?

<a href="[wpv-post-previous-link format="%%LINK%%"]"><img src="next.png" /></a>

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Q1) "Load more" button

You can use "next page link" shortcode [wpv-pager-next-page] as the Load More Button, for example, you can try these:
1) Create a view with "infinite scroll" feature:

in section "Pagination and Sliders Settings", click button "Advanced options", option "Infinite scrolling tolerance, in pixels", fill a negative number "-500".

This will prevent "Infinite scrolling" from triggering by scrolling.

2) in section "Loop Editor", insert the next page link shortcode between
[/wpv-items-found] and [wpv-no-items-found], for example:

[wpv-pager-next-page force="true"][wpml-string context="wpv-views"]Load More Button here ...[/wpml-string][/wpv-pager-next-page]

More help:

Q2) How can I insert next/previous links to an image href?

Yes, you can display an image in the next/previous links, for example:

[wpv-post-previous-link format="" %%LINK%%" link='<img src="<em><u>hidden link</u></em>">']

More help:


Hi Luo,

I'm having trouble with the "load more" button. Infinite scroll is still being triggered despite changing the scrolling tolerance to "-500".


Hello Luo,

This fix doesn't seem to work anymore as the previous respondent mentioned. I have tried setting the pixels to -500, -1000, -1500 but nothing has worked.

Thank you,



I'm having the same issue with the tolerance now, no value works.
Is there any other way of stopping the infinite scroll, please?