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[Closed] Listing field from parent duplictes on rows

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Last updated by Caridad 9 years, 1 month ago.

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If I have a comumn that comes from a parent and it includes and "if" like so:


<td>[wpv-post-body view_template="Event Listing Webcast" id="$webcast"]</td>

Content Template:

[wpv-if url="wpcf-recording-url" evaluate="empty($url)" condition=false debug="true"]<a href="[types field="recording-url" raw=true][/types]"><img src="<em><u>hidden link</u></em>" alt="View event video / webcast" /></a>[/wpv-if]

It works for the first entry, but if the second row does not have a parent set I get the previous rows parent data displayed...

See: hidden link and the recording column

...How can I prevent this form happening so that it does not duplicate?

p.s. Other columns for another parent "offering" currently work as expected. I do not understand why "webcast" does not work as expected.


Ping - Anyone? I am still getting parents returned when the child does not have a parent! It always returns the last parent returned even on items that do not have a parent!

Please help...


The wierd thing is that the item has Two parents and rendering fields from the other parent work just fine!


Dear MrHinsh,

Can you send me a database dump? I will send you a private email requesting it.




I have sent you access to the files in a seperate emails 🙂

Again... thanks for helping...



Dear MrHinsh,

Thank you for the file, i was able to reproduce the problem and i have forwarded it to the developers for fixing.

I will get back to you when i have more information.



Dear MrHinsh,

Can you try to change the theme to tweenty eleven and check if it still duplicated?


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