[Resolved] Edit Post Toolset Forms Link is not working if a Layout is displaying the Form and we use Toolset blocks

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: We use Layouts to display the Edit Post Forms and link to it from within a Content Template. We can however not work with this as the Edit Form is not shown if we use Toolset Blocks instead of Toolset Views.

Also, we can't insert Views in Layouts if we use Blocks Plugin. Solution: There are 2 errata to guide you to a solution: https://toolset.com/errata/toolset-edit-forms-loaded-in-a-layout-will-not-display-if-the-post-has-a-content-template-assigned/ https://toolset.com/errata/views-cells-cannot-be-inserted-into-layouts-when-toolset-blocks-is-active/

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My issue is resolved now. Thank you!

Thank you Beda, I have downgraded all legacy Toolset websites to the old Views/Layouts plugins. I will only use Toolset Blocks on new websites. I should have followed the release recommendations that state this point. The new workflow is nice since it abstracts the majority of the coding. But I still find much value in the old workflow. To me, you can accomplish things that you still can't with the new workflow.