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[Resolved] Edit Post Toolset Forms Link is not working if a Layout is displaying the Form and we use Toolset blocks

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: We use Layouts to display the Edit Post Forms and link to it from within a Content Template. We can however not work with this as the Edit Form is not shown if we use Toolset Blocks instead of Toolset Views.

Also, we can't insert Views in Layouts if we use Blocks Plugin. Solution: There are 2 errata to guide you to a solution:

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Last updated by cristianR-3 6 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Beda.


I am trying to: To have members edit their post

Link to a page where the issue can be seen: hidden link

I expected to see: When I press the edit link I expect to see the Toolset form to edit that post.

Instead, I got: The same page.


This was working fine last month. I am not sure if the updated Toolset plugins changed anything.


See my reply above in the private area (you must log in to see that and then expand the green, hidden area by clicking "SHOW PRIVATE MESSAGE"


Sorry, I must not have saved the password properly. Try this new one: removed


The user name would be: toolset


Where you able to login Beda?


You are redirecting to a Layout - but that post has a Content Template assigned.
Normally you use either Layouts or Content Templates, not both mixed.

This is however not causing any issue locally - using Toolset Views.
It is an issue using Toolset Blocks, which is again not suggested generally to be used with Layouts.

Using Layouts and Blocks, I can confirm this problem.
I will escalate it so eventually, we can fix this, for the time being, you could use Toolset Views (which also supports Blocks but doesn't allow to create new Views with it)


We will try to adjust this so that the CT (content template) is replaced by the Layout if a Layout is assigned or called (URL)

This will require some time, I will update you when the Developers added this.
For the time being, you would have to not use Blocks or Layouts, either of or use a CT to add the Edit Form to it and also link to it.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!


I've reopened here and will keep the ticket escalated until we have a fix.
I'll then notify you here.


Thank you, Beda.