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[Resolved] Layouts usage resets when editing another layout

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Last updated by Nigel 4 years, 7 months ago.

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toolset layouts problem.png

I am trying to: maintain the Layouts usage assignment but it resets itself

I visited this URL: backend, toolset layouts

I expected to see: the layout I assigned to one page to keep assigned to that page

Instead, I got: the usage assignment of this layout was removed and the layout was put in the unassigned department

This happened several times on a site I am developing.
I have a front page which has a custom layout assigned to it. This is a child layout which has a parent layout. The child layout is assigned to one individual page which is in use as the static homepage of the site.

Whenever I change something in the assignment of another layout, it appears that the home page assignment has been reset and the home page layout is placed in the department for unassigned layouts.
This happens for example when I add a layout assignment to an existing layout. For exmple: I have a layout that is assigned to all pages. This is a child layout using the same parent layout as the homepage layout does. When I added another category to this assignment (Mailpoet pages), the assignment of the homepage layout had been removed.

This happened also after adding a new layout and assigning it to e.g. all pages. Then the layout which was assigned to one specific page got unassigned.

I would like to make it possible to 'lock' assignments so they can't be overridden by other assignments without manually unlocking them first.



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Hi Erik

Thanks for the detailed explanation of the problem.

I was able to reproduce the problem on a test installation and I am escalating this thread so that it can be investigated further.

The existing assignments are being disregarded when updating the assignment of the Pages layout, and it looks like a choice as to whether to maintain or overwrite these is required.

I'll keep you posted when there is something to report.


Possibly related:

I have a parent layout with two child layouts.
Child layout 1 is assigned to the homepage.
Child layout 2 is assigned to all pages (post type pages).
When I add a new page I expect Child layout 2 to be assigned automatically to this page. But it doesn't. I have to manually assign this new individual page to Child layout 2.

template layout.png
front end display.png

I added two screenshots that I hope add some more detail to my questions.
front end display.png says: "there is no template lay-out for Page items"
template layout.png says: "Selected template Layout: Pagina Layout"
Pagina Layout is the Child layout I assigned to all pages.
So why in the Front-end Display is mentioned there is no Template Layout for Page items?



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Hi Erik

We published an update to Layouts this week which should have fixed your issue with the individual Layout assignments being lost.

Can you also re-test the other issues you described?

If you find you still have a problem I'll have to ask you to open a new ticket with that issue, sorry for the inconvenience.