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[Resolved] Layouts + Elementor = Not compatible

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So I have tried multiple themes, to no success. And it continues to throw weird errors. I have a large website that I am re-designing, and wanted to use the editor Elementor. Which seems to be a standard out there. And Toolset said that you guys were compatible.

But seems as though it is FAR from it. I have spent just a couple of hours, and continue to hit multiple road blocks with Toolset.

As for this one:
- Apply a Toolset Layout to a page.
- Load Elementor, make your edits to the page
- Save through elemetor.
- View page
- IT notices that the LAYOUT was removed from the page.

I have attached a video for reference to what i'm talking about.
VIDEO: hidden link




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Hi Justin

I spotted this thread and have taken it too as we have a few tickets about similar issues.

Elementor is a page builder.

Layouts is a page builder.

It is not intended that you use two page builders on the same site.

We do have a current integration effort underway with Elementor and Toolset, but the expected use case is that you use Elementor to design Views Content Templates. This is trickier with Elementor than it has been with other page builders such as Visual Composer or those that ship with Avada and Divi, because Elementor is a front-end page builder and the others can be used in the back-end, which is why it hasn't been released yet.

Now, you have been a Toolset client for long enough that you have sites built using Layouts the old way, as described in another reply to you, where you are using Layouts for more than just editing the content area, which is what you are limited to with Elementor, and so they are not directly comparable.

You can do that when you are using an integrated theme, although as I pointed out in another reply, if you are using an integrated theme the PHP templates will have replaced the_content() with Layouts code and so Elementor will not work.

From your debug info it says you are using the WP Bootstrap Starter theme. That's not an integrated theme, right? Unless you integrated it yourself. In which case I'm puzzled how you are able to use it to design the whole page and not just the content area.

Have you made modifications to the theme to integrate it?

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