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[Resolved] Layout Template is showing twice on archive page

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Last updated by Christian Cox 3 years, 5 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Christian Cox.


I am trying to: Display a layout normally

Link to a page where the issue can be seen: n/a (in dev)

I expected to see: Regular CPT archive listing

Instead, I got: the archive listing on page twice


Hi, my site's Layout Template is showing twice on archive page listing, first in <meta> area where it shouldn't be, and then in the body area, where it should be. It is screwing up the page (I am using ThriveThemes).

I know the Layout is set properly because when set in a separate (WP) page to display the archive page, it shows as expected. But when the same Layout (template) is set without a page-- only set as intended as a Layout to archive of CPT, it breaks by showing twice.

I just want to know if you have encountered this before or if it is a common instance; and if not, I'll just try to figure it out. But your assistance (without the benefit of seeing a screenshot as the site is still in dev and is a mess) would be appreciated.

Also, basically the code between the 'class="container-fluid"' and 'class="flex-cnt"' tags are repeated.

Thank you.


Hi, yes we've seen another ticket about this recently:

The issue has been escalated to our developers as a compatibility problem, but I do not have a timeline available for resolution right now. I can keep you updated here as I receive more information.


Hi Christian,

Thank you -- It is both a relief to be aware that this isn't an isolated problem unique to myself, and for your kind (for which I am utterly impressed) note of the similar issue linking to the other ticket. (Add to that how you're working on a weekend and you can move that assessment up to amazed.)

I will try to play with the suggested amend to the header and see what happens. I assume that, based on the date of that other ticket and the persistence of the issue even after updates, the problem remains. I'll take solace in knowing you've escalated this to the devs and look forward to the updates.

Many thanks, Christian. I really appreciate your response.



Hi, after several attempts to contact this theme authors we have been unable to receive any communication or collaboration to resolve this issue. Our team needs to discuss some technical details of this theme with the authors, and without that discussion we cannot resolve the problem. At this point, we encourage you to reach out to the theme authors, since as a paying customer they will probably be more responsive to your requests. Please let them know we are trying to contact them and you are waiting to have a problem resolved.


Changing ticket status.


Hello, I wanted to update you to let you know that we received some updates from the Thrive team. They agreed to help further solving the issue if after their next Theme versions things still happen:
hidden link

However, in a recent follow-up from the Thrive team we received this information:
"The theme builder was not launched yet, the currently available themes are still the same old ones that were available when the issue was first raised, I'm afraid that indeed things will remain unchanged there. The theme builder is scheduled to become available in early 2020, we can revisit the issue then."

At this point there's not much more Toolset can do here, other than wait and see. Hopefully the new builder they release in 2020 will include a fix for the problem.