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[Resolved] Toolset Maps database table name can cause an issue related to a bug in mysqldump

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: Toolset Maps uses a custom database table called _toolset_maps_address_cache. That table has a column named point, which is a reserved word of mySQL 5.7

This alone is not an issue because MySQL is context-sensitive in this case and understands when we are referencing the column.

However, due to a bug in mysqldump, it can happen that invalid data is used even though the table format is pretty strict, and later it can lead to issues when exporting and importing database tables to other databases.


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My hosting provider has advised me that the table 'toolset_maps_address_cache' contains a field called "point" which is reserved in MySQL 5.7. Are you aware of this? Can it be changed?


I can confirm that the table toolset_maps_address_cache has a column named point
I can also confirm that's a reserved word in MySQL 5.7 hidden link

I'm not sure what that'll mean for Toolset Maps, but likely, nothing good.
I've added a task for our developers to check this and will feedback what we find.


Ok so, MySQL is context-sensitive there and understands when we are referencing the column, and when the inner usage of "point"

Hence there should be no issue here, unless there is a specific problem that happens due to the "point" column name?
There should not.


Hi Beda

Thank you for checking with the developers. This issue has been highlighted by my hosting provider whilst attempting a site move. They've told me it looks like the issue is being caused by:-

....NULL geometry/point values in bmpsc_toolset_maps_address_cache. The table's structure dictates that `point` cannot be null/empty, but four out of five records in this table do have a null/empty value for `point`. This creates an invalid entry for `point` when exporting the database

They've asked if you would be open to them contacting you with a couple of questions. (You have had contact with them previously when I had a problem with email delivery). If this is OK with you, can you enable a private field please so I can provide their email address?

Many thanks


Sure, it's enabled, I also asked the Developer again what he thinks of above.

We can't just rename this - at least not manually.
Maybe we have a chance to do some update that renames it, I will check with them

The private reply is active.


Hi again

the email address is <> (this field doesn't look like it's private so if it isn't can you hide the address please?).

I'm personally curious as to how data can be added to that table with NULL/empty fields when the table structure states the opposite is required. What value is that field actually intended to hold?

Thanks for you help Beda


I need to know the precise steps and issue that happen.

The column name is not related to the field values.
There seems to be a confusion here. That table is for Toolset Maps addresses and the column name is "point", but the report mentions point type being null, which is unrelated to the column name

In any case, I've contacted Ryan by email and will await a reply to clarify things and will keep you in the loop here.


Thanks Beda, I appreciate the update & will wait to hear from you


Ryan now has some workaround for this and we'll look if we can change that name of the column in future.
I've made an erratum which is under review and will then link it here as well


That's great Beda thank you


I think we can close here, this will (if our developers find ways to do it) take some time.
I'll add the erratum as soon I have the public link to the thread and send it also to Ryan


Ok thank you for all your help


Closing ticket