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[Resolved] Issue: net::ERR_ABORTED and 403 (Forbidden)

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Last updated by Nigel 3 years, 2 months ago.

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I am having some troubles with the page:

I get two errors in Chrome Console:
1) GET hidden link net::ERR_ABORTED - (index):681
2) GET hidden link 403 (Forbidden) - (index):681

Not sure how to solve this problem, but I guess it makes some of my other JS not to work.

Any ideas how to solve this problem?



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Hi there

That file is a dynamic JS file, created because you have added some custom JS to the Toolset > Layouts CSS & JS page.

Your server is denying permission to retrieve the file for some reason.

Do you have any extra security plugins installed?

Can you try temporarily disabling all non-Toolset plugins and checking the page again to see if the file is still inaccessible?

Let me know if that reveals anything...



I have tried temp disabling all non-types plugins except one. This one needs to be activated until 1st of February. Maybe there is an issue with this plugin, I will check it out 1st of February, if it`s okay for you.



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Sure, let me know. I'll mark this as waiting to hear back from you and you'll receive a notice before it is automatically closed giving you time to reply.


I have now deleted the plugin that I thought was making this problem. But however the problem persits. Any ideas?



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Hmmm. Do you have images added to your media library that appear in the wp-content/wp-uploads directory?

Any problems accessing those from a browser?

Can I get FTP credentials from you? I can look at the file in question and check the file permissions for it.

I'll mark your next reply as private, which will include a template for the FTP credentials. If I need anything additional, e.g. a particular port number, be sure to mention it.



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Hi Tom

I used FTP to check the file permissions and they are fine, there is read access for public visitors, but if I try to access the file directly in the browser I get the 403 error.

Something is amiss, causing the server to refuse access to that file, but I cannot see what.

I suggest you delete it (it's the .js file we are talking about in wp-content/uploads/ddl-layouts-tmp/) so that Layouts will create a new one when you save some custom JS at Toolset > Layouts CSS & JS.

See if the new file is accessible.

Can you try that?


Hello Nigel,

Thank you,

I removed the file, and Layouts created a new one as you said. However, the error still occurs. Do you have any ideas why? Should I worry about this, or should I just leave it like this?



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Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 13.07.46.png

Are you actually trying to add any custom JS using this technique?

Although the issue is with a file created by Toolset the problem seems to come from the server. See my screenshot, the file permissions say that it should be publicly accessible, but trying to directly access the file in the browser is not possible.

It is not causing any problems this error, it is simply preventing you from adding custom JS at Toolset > Layouts CSS & JS.

If you don't need it you can ignore it. If you do need it I would suggest you ask your host for advice (show them that screenshot).