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[Resolved] Is it better to allow Users to edit posts in the front-end of the site with Forms or to edit posts in the dashboard and manage permissions?

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Last updated by AlimB3245 5 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Christian Cox.


Hi Christian

I didn't know till Shane told me that I could have a new front-end option to edit posts and it's a whole new thing for me.. I always assumed that the only way to edit would be to have the backend admin access and I'd have to limit the menu permissions.. but I prefer the frontend as it's a whole lot non-intrusive.

Is there a link or some documentation for me to know which is a better option (backend editing or frontend editing for custom posts)? Or if you can let me know, I'll just take your word for it..;-)..



Christian Cox

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Well it depends on what you mean by "better" 🙂 It could mean different things to you and me. In some ways it is more efficient to edit in wp-admin. Repeatable field groups (RFGs) are more difficult to manage right now in front-end Forms. Each row of the RFG must be edited separately. If a row in the RFG contains a nested RFG, then the nested RFG must be edited separately. Many-to-many relationships are fairly simple to manage in wp-admin, but the Forms method requires multiple templates and is arguably more complex.

Some features in Forms are not possible when you edit in the backend of the site. Automatic email notifications, for example, are built-in to Forms. It is not currently possible to trigger automatic emails when editing the same posts in the backend.

So in general, I would say you should pay attention to which features are possible in wp-admin and which are possible in Forms. You can decide which is "better" based on the requirements for each project.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!

Thanks Christian.. for now I will stick to front-end editing as my requirement is pretty simple and straightforward and I'd like the use to experience the 'same' website environment as he browses for editing as well.

Thanks again Christian.. Have a nice day..:-)..