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[Resolved] intermediary of relationship show title of parent of child

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Last updated by Stephen Vaughan 6 months, 2 weeks ago.

Assigned support staff: Shane.


Tell us what you are trying to do?

I am experimenting with post types, public once and show in many places. So let me explain.

I have artists and then there work using the product type for these. In the Artists catalogue you can navigate through each of the artists and then onto view each of their works in their specific catalogue and, being products, you can purchase as well. This is all set up with a one to many relationship > Artist to many works. The presentation is created with a template made via Divi's theme builder.

Then I have another type for Exhibitions. This type is a parent of the products as well via a many to many relationship. There are many exhibitions and the child artworks (products) can be shown in many exhibitions.

So what I want to set up is a type of route so that when you navigate via an exhibition to an artwork the way you see it is different than how you see it when seen via the artist. The reasoning here is that the view of sibling artworks when viewed via the exhibition needs to be of the other artists' work while via an artist it would be exclusively that artist's work alone.

So I figured out a lot of this already by showing the intermediary post type in the Exhibitions/Products relationship. From this I have created a content template and then dropped its shorted into a template made in the Divi Theme Builder which also detects the intermediary type. I can then connect dynamically the image and title from the product and the Exhibition title.

The next thing to figure out is how to dynamically display the artists name. So that would be the other parent from a different relationship…no morals there then…and is it even possible.

I can see that there might be a bit of work in showing the view of other works in the exhibition.

I will keep looking around to find a solution but if you have any suggestions, much appreciated.

What is the link to your site?

The site is behind a maintanence page. The project was submitted to tender but unfortunately was awarded to another contractor but I want to tie up these loose ends to satisfy my curiosity.

I can set up a user if you want to explore as well.



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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Based on what you are saying ehre, you are viewing the intermediary post on the frontend correct ? However you want to display the parent title of the intermediary Post Type parent correct?

If so then it won't be possible to do without some form of custom code to achieve.



Thanks Shane. I will dig around online and see if there is a simple solution to this but I am guessing that it may be fairly involved, php with some sort of SQL and then some sort of template hack. I know a little about this but it isn't my forte.

Could expanding Toolset to include routes to different templates and drawing data dynamically via complex relationships be a goal for future updates?