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[Resolved] Improve compatibility with Woocommerce fields

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Last updated by Minesh 3 years, 4 months ago.

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Hi, as the title says. The main point of improvement being:
when adding a WC country field to CRED --> the cred field should be a default country select field, not a free text field. Woocmmerce (or mainly other applications that use this country info, like UPS) won't validate/recognize the input if not correct written (most make mistakes to free fields; mainly language-related mistakes)

Until that is solved: is there a way to generate by hand in the code a select list of the necessairy countries, in such way that it will be recognized? Thanks!



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

Well - as I understand, could you please confirm that you are talking about the "billing_country" field and where you are using country field, with CRED post form or CRED user forms?


Hi, that's correct Minesh: billing_country - used with cred user forms.



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Well - there is no such feature exists to sync WooCoomerce fields with CRED form but there is a way I can show you that may help you.

You should add CRED generic select field - Generic select field accepts JSON as source:

For example:

[cred_generic_field field='billing_country' type='select' class='' urlparam='']

More info:

So, to generate dynamic options for generic select fields, you can use view's to generate the JSON output and assign the view's shortcode to generic select field "options" attribute:

Check this related ticket that may help you:


Hi Minesh,

"Well - there is no such feature exists to sync WooCoomerce fields with CRED form "
--> well that's strange cause i did so already before i wrote this topic, even according your own instructions at some other topic of another user, and it works fine.
Only thing is that the user input field is not a select but free text field; and that countries must be written by their two-letter official country code...

So i'm going to try your solution above instead, hope that solves it!




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Yes - I may guide you with solution before but what I mean to say is there is no automatic sync feature available. I may guide you with same process and if you have that solution handy you should follow the same process.