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[Resolved] I want to have multiple images

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Do you have any advice or even a template that will allow me to have multiple images per post, the thumbnail that is clickable for larger image?


There are several approaches you can take.

Basically, you will need to apply some Custom HTML and eventually, for example, use the WordPress inbuilt ThickBox library to have the little thumbnails clickable and expandable.

We have also some modules you can download from here:
This one you would like I think:


Thank you, let me give this a bash


Sorry,m I downloaded the Flexislider module to see how to use a module, and I am totally lost, I noticed it appearing under templates, so I thought I may move the source from there to my template and it does not seem to function, naturally it will work once I know more.



I decided to go this route and found your first link worked just fine once I figured the logic out and then added FooBox to get the lightbox to work nicely.

[wpv-for-each field="wpcf-coach-holiday-large-image"]
<a class="foobox" href='[types field="coach-holiday-large-image" output="raw"][/types]'>
[types field='coach-holiday-small-image' alt='%%ALT%%' title='%%TITLE%%' size='medium' align='center' resize='proportional'][/types]

See it in action here
hidden link