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[Closed] I want to create a list calendar in Toolset that allows events to expire.

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Last updated by Jamal 1 year, 4 months ago.

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Tell us what you are trying to do?

I want to create an events calendar. I have created the post type, and I have created fields. I can also create the view the way I want it to be, and the front-end submission - all good! The view will be set up with the oldest events at the top. There are two things I would like to be able to do that I can't find instructions for:

First - I would like to divide the list by month so that all the March events are listed under a title that says "March", all the April events under at title "April" and so forth.

Second - I would like events to disappear from the page once they are past - so that yesterday's events will no longer be on the page, but today's will and tomorrow's and so forth will still be there.

Is there any documentation that you are following? no

Is there a similar example that we can see?

hidden link

What is the link to your site?

hidden link

I tried using another plugin for this - hidden link However, I could not edit the page because the "events" post type insisted on being controlled by Toolset. I was unable to make the changes I needed through that plugin.



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Hello and thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

For the first question, check this article, it explains how to build a shortcode that will display the heading for each group of posts(in this case the month).
Please note that lines 7 and 8 are not correct, I am reporting this to our documentation team. Change them to:

  $condition = $atts['condition'];
  $value = $atts['value'];

For the second question, you need to add a query filter on the view on the date field. Check the first screenshot in this article


Thank you for this Jamal. I will try this and will come back to you if I have trouble with it.



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Awesome! I'll set this ticket as waiting for your reply, which should keep it open for 3 weeks. You will receive an email notification before the thread is closed.

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