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[Closed] I want full control on entire page with Toolset Layouts

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Last updated by Beda 3 years, 3 months ago.


I currently use Pagelines and want to migrate to Toolset Layouts. However I cant seem to find a theme that I can use that gives me full control of the header and footer. It looks like the "Starter Theme" is perfect, but it has been deprecated. I do not like any of the recommended themes as they do not provide the control I want.

- Is this still posible using Toolset Layout or has it been relegated to a simple content editor?
- Can I still use Parent Layouts?
- How do I get control of the header and footer?


Toolset Layouts, officially, is not anymore to be integrated with code (and hence allowing you to edit much more of the Website than just the content).

However, it's still possible with a minimal, slick theme template.
Look at this example:
hidden link

It's coded a the minimum Toolset layouts requirements and covers the basic, minimal WordPress requirements.
It's fully commented in the code to give a great picture of what and how you can do with Toolset Layouts (and the rest of Toolset) using a bit of custom code.

We do not actively recommend this path, but it is also not wrong, if you want full control from within Toolset Layouts this is a great way to go

Feel free to use that theme linked however you want, but please acknowledge that this is not a Toolset product and hence, not supported here.

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