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[Resolved] I set up a many to many relationship as described on this site. The Intermediary

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I set up a many to many relationship as described on this site. In my case: CAMP, SESSION and VENUE The Intermediary custom post type (SESSION) somehow gets changed to a parent (VENUE) custom post type. I noticed that this happens after I set up a view to display my content. Can you tell me what would cause a custom post type to move from one category to another?


Following up on my post: I am seeing custom post type change from Session(intermediary) to Venue after I edit the parent post (venue).



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Timezone: Asia/Karachi (GMT+05:00)

I apologise for such an issue. To completely understand the issue, may I ask for more information please?

A) Screen shots of your CPTs, full page, while editing under Types. So I can analyse the configuration of these custom post types.

B) Some steps to reproduce the same thing on my local host. I will try to recreate the CPTs (from #A) on my local host and will follow the steps to recreate the issue.

Please let me know, thanks.


Thank you, here are the screen shots requested including the view which displays this page: hidden link . I have also included custom taxonomies that are used to render other pages just in case they may be relevant.

1) I created the CPT's and Views as described here: (BANDS = CAMPS, APPEARANCES = SESSIONS, EVENTS = VENUES) FYI, the views section of this tutorial appears to be relevant to an older version of Views but in the end I achieved my desired result (hidden link)

2) I only set up a few SESSIONS to test if my view and the relationship worked. Then I began to edit the content in a venue. Updating the content causes the SESSION post type to change to a VENUE post type.

3) If I change the post type back to its original designation, I noticed that the post relationships were still intact. However, as soon as I would edit a Venue it would change the SESSION post type again.



Languages: English (English )

Timezone: Asia/Karachi (GMT+05:00)

Thank you for providing the details. Everything looks fine and normal.

However, before we go for further investigation, we have just released a new version of Types plugin, with some bug fixes and improvements. Can you please just upgrade the Types plugin and give it another try?

Please note if you upgraded the Types more than 6 hours ago, then please download it manually again and overwrite the current installation, because the same version was updated just a couple hours ago with some fixes.

Please let me know if this helps fixing this unexpected issue, or if we should move to further investigation.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Sorry but that did not resolve the issue.


Ok the problem turned out to be a conflict with a plugin called Post Type Switcher. This project called for converting many pages into custom post types. The plugin worked fine however, it should be disabled and deleted after use. I should have seen this. Thank you so much for your help.

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